'Survivor: One World' Best Tweets: 'One World is Out the Window'
'Survivor: One World' Best Tweets: 'One World is Out the Window'
We are three episodes into the season, and the realities of living in the wilderness are starting to make these people question why they signed up for Survivor. The men can't stand the women weaseling fire and shelter from them, Colton hates everyone (especially Democrats), Chelsea hates the rain, and Bill hates that tree puzzle. How did he mess that up? It looked like he had at least two hours to figure it out. Also, how terrible was Matt's strategy? Did he think it was smart to get into countless arguments early on in the game? I honestly have no idea what he was thinking. Find out what viewers thought on Twitter from the top 10 tweets below.

#10. @Tribefan87: Matt is a punk.He disgusts me. As a woman I find him repulsive. Rooster, really? I think you meant jackass.

- Matt pulled a classic Survivor blunder. He started the game way too aggressive, bossy, and confrontational. That type of strategy is great when you want to get noticed by the camera, but not if you want to go far in the game.  

#9. @Kelly_812: Beware of Matt the attorney/rooster and his bull, he's a snake/idiot.

- Matt loved talking about chickens and roosters. Wonder if he wished he had played more of a mother hen role. 

#8. @Notjeffprobst: You people whine about us not putting fans on, but if we did, then we couldn't have moments like Tarzan's. You see our dilemma.

- I am always one to complain about non-fans that they cast for the show. But, you get someone like Tarzan who has no idea how to play, and it does make it the show more interesting. 

#7. @Fymaxwell: BTW, Leif is doing an awesome impression of Rick in these first few episodes. 

- You can call Leif another version of South Pacific Rick, or Samoa Brett, but let's hope he doesn't turn out to be a quitter like Guatemala Purple Kelly. 

#6. @Truedorktimes: Re-watching for the west coast feed. Trying to shake the increasing feeling that this season is Fiji 2.0.

- At least there isn't someone going around calling themselves Apollo or Drago. (Rocky in Fiji was terrible) 

#5. @Frankdgaffney: Chelsea looked really hot in those long yellow socks

- The costume department is really going all out this season. First Tarzan's banana hammock, now Chelsea's thigh high socks. This has the makings of a really gross porno. 

#4. @Eorlins: "Bro" "Dude" "Shut up." "Go kill yourself." Colton is cracking me up.

- Yep, Colton is the only one who is mouthing off to the camera, which is too bad, since everyone else has been pretty boring so far.

#3. @Murtzjaffer: If you can't take the conditions, don't sign up to play Survivor. There are literally millions who would give up anything to get a chance.

- You would think that after 23 seasons, these contestants would know what they are signing up for. How could the women not have worked harder to make their shelter better?

#2. @Olsensurvivor: Did someone spike Bill's water with 30 bottles of 5 Hour Energy?  
-I'll give Bill a little credit here. I have never seen someone as pumped as he was to vote someone out. 

#1. @Coltoncumbie: What's up with all these people telling me to go to hell?! Last time I checked, Satan didn't want to be overthrown.

- Colton, you aren't winning this season. Nor are you a brilliant strategist. Time to settle down. 

Wes Dorne  
Fan Columnist

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