'Survivor Nicaragua' Recap: Sash in the Middle
'Survivor Nicaragua' Recap: Sash in the Middle
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Last week on Survivor: Nicaragua, NaOnka and Purple Kelly pulled a Reverse Jack Twist (because they did know how to quit you, Jeff Probst). This left seven castaways with a very even split.

On the one side you have Chase, Holly and Jane, aka Country-Fried Goodness. If they were a restaurant they'd be a Cracker Barrel, full of down-home delights smothered in white gravy.

On the other side are Benry, Dan and Fabio, aka Marty's Leftovers. If they were a restaurant they'd be one of those Pizza Hut-Taco Bell-KFC combo places you find at rest stops along the interstate, a hodgepodge of random flavors and tastes.

And in the middle is Sash, the health inspector who must come in and shut one of these two establishments down for good. Though he seems down on the situation, he's actually in the best position of the game wielding all the power.

Reward Challenge

Chase demolishes everyone and wins a night in a private resort where he can take two people. He chooses Holly (for giving up reward last time) and Jane. That's odd, since the southern gentleman specifically looked Sash in the eye beforehand and gave him his word that he'd take Sash if he won. Actions speak louder than words, and Chase just said a whole lot.

As soon as they get to the resort, Chase realizes that he made a very bad decision not picking Sash, and Holly whole-heartedly agrees. Meanwhile, Sash tries to get info from the rest of the guys at camp while none of them trust him. However, they're all smart enough to see that if Sash aligns with the others, they're all dead, so teaming up with Sash is the only smart thing to do.

What follows is a web of lies too complex for me to understand, because Chase, Benry, Holly and Sash repeatedly lie. Chase and Holly claim they're smart enough to know Jane would beat them in the end, yet they don't seem willing to even consider voting her out. Benry turns on Fabio to save himself, Sash plays everyone at once, but at the end he seems to foolishly align with Chase, Holly and Jane.

All I know for sure is that watching Jane build a little tombstone for the dead chicken and then crying over the fact that she never got to play Hide and Seek with it is the funniest part of the episode.

Immunity Challenge

After Sash, Fabio and Benry win the first part (so much for a day of rest being helpful), Sash solves the puzzle first and wins immunity, despite already having the hidden immunity idol. He really does have all the power.

Tribal Council

It's a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach as I see the forces all turn against Fabio, and the vote seems to be going downhill as Fabio gets two early votes. Even Marty is confused. But then magic happens.

Benry is voted out!

That's right, Sash managed to convince Benry and Dan to turn against Fabio while he secretly plotted with Chase, Holly and Jane to vote out Benry. Diabolical, and now I'm left rooting for Fabio as the only person I actually want to win.

Something tells me I won't be getting what I want for Christmas this year.

Next week on Survivor: Nicaragua: Jeff Probst says that the losers of the reward challenge will be executed. I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he's not talking literally.

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