Survivor: Micronesia - You Got Owned, Joel
I get too invested in this stuff.  As a long-time Survivor fanatic, watching tribes do idiotic things bothers me to the core.  There's some personal shame to be had from being visibly upset after watching a reality show on the couch, but I can't help it.  That's the beauty of reality TV – we can transplant ourselves into any of these situations and decide how we would have proceeded.  Usually, we come to the conclusion that we could've performed better than the people on screen.  Maybe that's true most of the time – the kind of people who generally try out for reality television aren't rocket scientists.  I would argue, however, that Survivor is an exception.  Survivor is not a place for your typical reality whores.  I know, for a fact, that normal people who would not dare be caught on Big Brother would willingly spend time on Probst's island - normal, relatively intelligent humans.  Still, the editing of a show like Survivor is done in a purposely vague enough way where audience second-guessing is encouraged.  Would I have done what Joel Anderson did last night on Survivor?  I'd like to think not, but you never know.

Before we get to the moronic actions of the Favorites tribe, let's talk about my man Ozzy LusthTom Westman aside, can we agree that Ozzy the most impressive Survivor player ever?  We knew he was a physical specimen.  Witnessing his single-handed victory in the reward challenge was astonishing.  Great strategy that he came up with on the fly.  Then, of all things, he heads to Exile Island and very quickly finds the immunity idol.  Not only that, he pulls a Yau-Man and fashions a fake idol.  Brains and brawn.  So, right now, the most important question in the game is this: Will Ozzy tell anyone (namely Amanda) that he's found the idol prior to next episode's tribal shake-up?  If he does, and he and Amanda get separated next week, then that could severely hurt his game play.  For his sake, I hope he doesn't.

It's smart for Survivor to shake up the tribes this early.  It was about to get stale.  The Fans were downtrodden, depressed and poorly led.  There was no way they were winning another challenge in the near future in their current state.  And, isn't this what we were all looking forward to this season?  The Fans and the Favorites inter-mixing.  What's awesome about this timing is that each tribe will have eight players – four from the fans, four from the favorites.  Whichever tribe goes to tribal council will likely see one fan or favorite switch allegiances. 

OK.  Joel, let's talk.  Are you really so insecure in your own manhood that you let yourself be bullied by the middle-aged woman that is Tracy Hughes-Wolf?  Was Mikey that big of a threat that you'd send him home (one of your two or three most athletic players) over the emaciated corpse of a pageant coach, Chet Welch?  It's not a bad move now that we know the tribes are changing, but you didn't know that. You may be a big dude, Joel, but you sure are weak. 

Finally, let's give it up to Tracy.  I've been saying all along that I've got a good feeling about her and she'll be smart about putting herself in a position to succeed in this game.  She proved me right last night.  She had to make a big move there.  Too often, even if their alliance is crumbling, players will be passive if they're not on the block.  Tracy saw the writing on the wall and did exactly what she had to do.  She played at Joel's manhood and totally, utterly, completely, embarrassingly owned him.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)