Survivor: Micronesia - Top 6 Airai Power Rankings
Amid Kathleen Sleckman's disgraceful departure from Survivor: Micronesia last week, the most important consequence of the entire episode was overlooked: with Kathleen gone, the Fans no longer retain the power in the Airai tribe.  Before Kathy left, the Fans held a 4-3 advantage on the Favorites, and could have picked off whoever they pleased at the next tribal council.  Now that the tribe is evenly split, it's all up in the air.  If they go to tribal council before the merge (which isn't a sure thing), the vote will be an intriguing one.  But, considering what I've seen thus far from Survivor: Micronesia, I have to place my faith in the Favorites.  These Airai rankings could be two separate lists, really – Airai Fans and Airai Favorites. 

#6 - Natalie Bolton

Natalie still hasn't received enough screen time to register with me, so I feel bad about placing her last.  The only real reason she's here is that Jason and Alexis seem to be pretty close.  And, Natalie hasn't impressed me in the challenges.

#5 - Alexis Jones

Like Natalie, the screen time for Alexis has been less than adequate.  She and Jason appear to have a bond, and that should at least get them both through the next tribal. 

#4 - Jason Siska

Same as Alexis, though if both make it to the merge, I give Jason a slight advantage, in that he has an outside chance at winning some individual immunity challenges.  Jason hasn't struck me as the smartest guy in the world.

#3 - Eliza Orlins

If a favorite is voted off from Airai next, I'm guessing it will be Eliza.  She's smart, but she can get on people's nerves.  She's probably not the weakest person on the tribe, and she performs pretty well in challenges, but Parvati and James are too close.  Now, if she can make it to the merge and reconnect with Cirie and Ami, she could be going places.

#2 - James Clement

He'll be targeted because of his strength from here on out.  But, he has a strong two-person alliance now, and if he, Parvati, Ozzy and Amanda make it to the merge (which is likely) that makes a very strong four-person alliance. 

#1 - Parvati Shallow

It's the same thing for Parvati as it was for Amanda yesterday.  She is aligned with a guy who will be targeted before her.  James and Ozzy should bring Amanda and Parvati very far in this game.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)