Survivor: Micronesia - "I'm Ruthless...and Have a Smile on My Face" Live Thoughts
James Clement is on of my favorite Survivor castaways ever.  He's funny, doesn't take crap from anyone, and is self-deprecating when warranted.  Tonight, on Survivor: Micronesia, James might be voted off.  I don't have any real reason to suspect this, but with the latest CBS promos showing a girl-power revolution in the works, it seems reasonable for James, strong as he is, to be their first target.  Your usual BuddyTV Survivor correspondent Gina Scarpa has been called up to the big leagues to cover the return of Grey's Anatomy (don't forget us, Gina) and I, Oscar Dahl, am taking over.  I hope you're all not too disappointed.

Erick Reichenbach, the spineless dude that he is, has no problem that everyone backdoored Ozzy.  He agrees that if they would have told him before hand, he probably would have told Ozzy about it.  Way to go out and tell everyone that you can't keep secrets Erik.

Amanda Kimmel is obviously not that happy with what went down at tribal council. 

Parvati tries to make nice with James.  Good luck.  He and Amanda are completely pissed at Parvati.  You can't blame them.  James is resolute in his view of Parvati know - she's pretty much dead to him.  Now that amends can't be made with James, Parvati moves on to Amanda.  Amanda tries to play it off, and get on their good sides - she wants Parvati and Cirie to trust her.  Amanda still wants it to be the three lady Favorites to the end. 

Hey, it's the auction reward challenge.  And, I'm missing it because my internet connection is crapping out on me.

OK, technical difficulties thwarted.  However, I missed the entire auction.  If one you out there can fill us in on what happened, please do.

So the immunity idol has been placed back on Exile Island, and Jason was sent there. 

Natalie uses the word "bitch" over and over when referring to Jason.  Decided to become a personality all of a sudden, Natalie?

Jason quickly finds the first three clues.  And, there it is...Jason finds the immunity idol.  That's lucky.  He thinks that Natalie is on his side, but he's wrong.

All the women want Jason gone and, assuming that Jason finds the hidden idol (which he did) they concoct a plan to get him out anyway.  It involves Natalie convincing him to let someone else win the immunity challenge, and then convincing him once more that they are not going to vote him out.

Hey, it's Erik's 22nd birthday.  That makes him the oldest ice cream scooper alive who looks like 80's era Jon Bon Jovi.

Natalie: thoughts?  She's really annoying me tonight. 

Immunity challenge time: It's a amalgam of earlier challenges.  First, they throw rocks at a square and then put together a puzzle.  First four who finish advance to the next round.

James, Erik, Jason and Amanda advance to round two.  The second round has the players dig for a bundle, unlock it and then put together a puzzle that will lower some planks.

James and Erik advance to the final round, to the delight of the ladies.  The third round sees the men use two planks to cross a rope of bridges.  Erik gets out to a big lead (James fell in the water), but James makes a furious comeback.  Erik, on his birthday, ekes it out in the end and wins immunity.

The ladies are extremely happy that Erik won, because the plan involved making Jason think that James is the target.  I hope it works - James needs to stay.

Jason leaves to go fishing, and immediately Natalie searches his bag and finds the idol.  Natalie then goes to find Jason - they have an awkward little conversation, but she gets her point across.  Jason trusts Natalie, and thinks that James is going home.  Natalie admits that she's being very evil, but finishes that statement by saying that she's getting to act more like herself. 

James thinks that Jason is going to play his idol.  Amanda assures him that Jason won't and James will be safe.  Natalie is pissing me off a lot. 

Tribal council: James really plays it off well - downtrodden, acting like he will be the one sent home tonight.   Jason, on the other hand, is still unsure where he stands in the tribe.  Still, I doubt he'll play the Idol.  Just out of principle, James votes for Parvati.  Gotta love James.

Jason DOES NOT play the Idol.

Vote Tally Time:  4 votes for Jason, 3 for James, 1 for Parvati. 

Jason has been blind-sided and voted off.  Everyone is happy about it.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)