Survivor: Micronesia - Finale Recap
Early on in the Survivor reunion special tonight, Jeff Probst stated that Survivor: Micronesia might be the best Survivor season since the very first.  After the last six weeks, it's hard to argue with that statement.  I can't remember a more exciting and enthralling end of a season.  However, what happened in the last month and a half is blinding us from what happened in the beginning of the season.  Maybe you don't remember, but the season began poorly – starting with Jonny Fairplay's shameful departure, to the wet blanket Fans Kathleen Sleckman and Chet Welch, Survivor: Micronesia did not look like it was going to be a winner.  Given this, I wouldn't place this season among the top two or three, but that's nitpicking – Micronesia was Survivor at its best for most of its run, and tonight's finale did not disappoint.

Amanda Kimmel, Parvati Shallow, Cirie Fields and Natalie Bolton begin the finale by celebrating their tribal council coup of voting out Erik.  They officially have taken out all the men that stood in their way, and they bask in the joy that such an accomplishment brings.  The next morning, they are summoned to an immunity challenge.  Each player starts on a twenty foot high pedestal in the water.  They have a rope with a container on the end – they have to drop the container into the water below and pull it back up to themselves, then pour the water into a bamboo pole.  As the pole fills, a set of keys rise.  Once they reach their keys, they jump into the water, swim to the beach, and unlock chests that hold ladder rungs.  They have to fit the rungs in the correct spots on their way up to a platform.  First person to the platform wins. 

Amanda starts slow, but she dominates the ladder/latter (awesome pun!) part of the challenge.  She wins immunity.  Back at camp, the assumption is that the Favorites will stick together and vote out Natalie.  Questions arise, and Natalie thinks she might have a chance to get Cirie out.  We are left uncertain going into tribal council, but the Faves stick together and vote out Natalie.  However, Cirie says at tribal, in front of the jury, that she has always been the bottom member of the ladies' alliance.  After tribal, Amanda is a little upset that Cirie would say that, and they get into a little argument.  They make up soon after, and Amanda is upset that she got so mad at Cirie. 

Amanda, Cirie and Parvati assume that they have made the final tribal council.  But, they are mistaken.  This season, it's a final two, and the final three are told to get ready for a final immunity challenge.  First, they have to honor all the fallen castaways, and the montage goes on for three and a half hours. 

The final immunity challenge is an endurance of sorts.  Each lady stands behind a podium.  They are given two handles, which they must use to hold up a separate piece of wood that balances a small metal ball on top of it.  After every five minutes, two new separate pieces of wood are placed inside the handles.  Parvati drops her metal ball in the third round.  In the fifth round, which is un-timed, Cirie has a lapse in concentration and loses.  Amanda wins immunity again.

What follows Amanda's immunity victory is either an OK, very long acting job, or an out-of-character emotional breakdown from Amanda.  She acts like choosing who to vote off is the most difficult decision of her life.  She doesn't tell either Cirie or Parvati who she's voting off before tribal.  At tribal, she cries and makes a big scene about how hard her decision is.  In the end, she stuck to her first alliance, and votes out Cirie.  It's Amanda and Parvati in the final tribal council. 

The two celebrate their accomplishment.  They have their final picnic/feast, they burn down the shelter, and get ready for tribal council.  As it typically is, the final tribal council was full of bitter, angry, camera-hogging jury members.  Nothing much of worth is offered by anyone.  Natalie asks the most bizarre question, when she asked Parvati how her flirtatious ways in life work their way into her bedroom.  It made no sense.  Ozzy rips into Parvati.  I was expecting a more pro-Amanda crowd, and while both ladies got their share of venom spewed their way, Amanda may have received a little more hate than Parvati. 

At the live final tribal council, Jeff reads the votes.  In something of a shocker, Parvati wins the final vote 5-3.

Parvati Shallow is your one million dollar winner of Survivor: Micronesia. 

Reunion News

Amanda and Ozzy are still a couple.

James wins the Sprint $100,000 Favorite Survivor winner.  Hooray.

Survivor 17 will be set in Gabon, West Africa.  And it will be in HD.  It will probably be awesome. 

Watch out for some interviews with the Survivor finalists on BuddyTV later this week.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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