Survivor Micronesia: Episode 3, "I Should Be Carried On The Chariot-Type Thing" Live Thoughts
I see my awesome screen capture of the Survivor: Micronesia Ozzanda kiss has become a popular pic on BuddyTV.  Looking at it more closely, not that I want to, it looks like he's eating her face.  Or maybe it's the other way around.  No one is showering, no one brushes their teeth, so who wants to be making out on the beach?  That's what I want to know.  Hopefully, these two can keep it in their pants so they can take the targets off their backs after being so outright with their relationship and their alliance.  Tonight, the episode description says that the fans have to work WITH the favorites and I'm intrigued.  Let's get going with live blogging which lets you refresh throughout the hour to get your constant updates!

Mikey knows it was Joel who ousted Mary behind his back.  He's angry that Chet and Kathy are still around, calling them useless.

The showmancers from Malakal and trying hard to pull Eliza in to make an alliance of five.

The contestants get a Survivor catalog and can pick 3 items as their prizes if they win today.  Tonight's challenge is sort of like football, where tribe members have to get bags to their end zones in order to win.  Everybody is in the water and it's an all out war!

I hope you're watching this.  Erik just slapped Elisa in the face with a bag then threw Amanda over his shoulder.  That really pissed James off.  He is literally pulling three people in the water and took the fans' bag.  The favorites win, with Penner bringing in the last bag.  Kathy just got sent back to Exile Island along with Ami from their own tribe.

And so the wild goose chase resumes.  Ami and Kathy go all over the place looking for the idol while Kathy had to play dumb.

Time for the immunity challenge.  Players have to hold nets while others shoot coconuts in.  Teams have to hold on longer in order to win.  Jonathan talks trash the entire time to try to throw off the fans.  You know James is holdin' on to that net with those guns of his.  I'd have him there too! 

See, Chet isn't that terrible.  He just made a basket as did Kathy.  And thanks in part to them, the fans just won immunity. 

No surprise that the favorites are all scrambling back at camp.  In this group, nobody is guaranteed safety.

I hate to say it but I actually feel bad for Jonathan right now.  Part of me likes the guy even though part of me is still annoyed with him for his behavior on Cook Islands.  I'm not ready to see him go yet.

Everyone's name is coming up from Eliza to Yau to James to Parvati to Jonathan.  How did Ozzy and Amanda escape this week unscathed?  Shows how much Oscar and I know, huh?

Cirie and Jonathan are having it out at tribal council about whether or not the other can be trusted and who is making the right decision tonight.  Both people should be quiet, they're going to send themselves home sooner rather than later.  Shh!

Yau-Man just got voted out.  I am shocked.  Oscar, you should owe me $5 for that.  I said he wasn't going to make it far.  Just call me Miss Cleo.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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