'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains': Take A Lesson From The New Kids, Colby
'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains': Take A Lesson From The New Kids, Colby
I've always wanted to think that the Villains tribe aren't really the evil people. It's better to describe them are the most intense people. Hard players, cunning strategists, ruthless forces. I'm not discounting the merits of what remains of the Heroes tribe--they wouldn't be in the Heroes tribe if not for what they did--but they're the sort of people that take care to not overstep the line.

Thus, the best of last night's show came from the reds. Specifically, it was Rob and Russell's little game of wits that kept me glued to the screen throughout the episode: from their conversation in the middle of the night, to Rob's plans to flush the hidden immunity idol out, to Russell's attempts to flip one vote to his favor, to the final salvo--Russell giving his idol to Parvati. It may have been cruel, if you look at it one way, but that's Survivor at its finest: an intense, well-played game.

That's something Colby should definitely learn. After Tom's elimination two weeks ago, he's the odd banana out. And after failing to win individual immunity--to someone with a limp, to boot--he just gave up and told everyone that he's expecting them to vote him out. Really, sir? Are you giving up that easily?

I think he failed to read the entire situation. Sure, it's been ten years since he first went here, when he powered to second place in Australia, so it's expected that he wouldn't be as quick. In that context, his dismal performance in the challenge was entirely understandable. But he didn't realize this: despite his failed dealings with Tom, he's still a pretty important member of the tribe, at least compared to James, who has drive, but is held back by his injury.

Unless, of course, his plan all along was to pretend giving up to force the tribe to reassess--and reassess they did. But it didn't really help him in the long run, right?

I'm not asking him to scramble. Sometimes the best games are subtle--that's something JT has done. But Colby seems absolutely out of it at the moment, I won't be surprised if he is considered the Heroes tribe's next dead weight. The tribe will be united now the alliances are all but dissolved--but united against Colby? Definitely, and for different reasons. Sir, it's time to take a lesson from the new kids over at the Villains tribe. That passion is what we want from you.

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