'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains': So You Want to Bond Together?
'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains': So You Want to Bond Together?
It's been eleven days on camp and I don't understand why Rupert is still looking for his tribe to "bond together".

Off the bat: it's futile. It's not going to happen. Not when you're already deep into the game from the moment you arrived in camp, not from the moment you lost your first immunity challenge, not from the moment you all started contemplating who to vote off first, not from the moment you created alliances and promises that, in his words, you have to keep even if it doesn't make sense at the moment.

But I don't blame him for being optimistic. They're the Heroes! They're supposed to be good and noble and all that. I'm sure back at camp there's this widespread feeling that they should be doing great things since they're who the audiences would root for. (Well, at least half of us were probably rooting for the Villains to start with. Nothing beats a well-implemented plan!)

But right now, with three Tribal Councils and perhaps a lot more power grappling than the Villains, bonding together for the win is the last thing you should be thinking off.

Sure, winning buys you time, but (and it's something I've often said last season) it's just delaying the inevitable. The time spent being happy just spikes up the anxiousness, and it'll be much worse when it all starts to kick in. The best thing you could do is to just stick with those alliances--surely they were just safety nets from the beginning--and play with them, even if it feels bad.

At least Rupert was shrewd enough to admit that. It was an enlightening moment in a Tribal Council that had more BS content per ounce than average. It's a reality in a game that's been more about politics than about the actual winning.

James, on the other hand--I don't understand why he's still pushing his "I wanna win, damn it!" point over and over. I have this feeling that once the Heroes (or maybe him alone, later in the game) wins something really big, he'll quit right there and then and go home. Now that's absolutely absurd. At least Rupert's got common optimism going for him...

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