'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains' Recap: Psychopathic Mistakes
'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains' Recap: Psychopathic Mistakes
Last week's Survivor: Heroes vs Villains was crazy. The Heroes lost one of their own. The Villains virtually lost one of their own. And Russell lost all shred of control that he has of his alliance. Now's the time to regroup... but the others are just getting started. So no, no regroup.

Playground arguments: The reward challenge should be a simple game of shuffleboard, with the winning team of three going to Robert Louis Stevenson's home to sleep on a bed and watch Treasure Island. But these castaways are smart. Parvati wants to win the challenge, confident that there's a hidden immunity idol with the reward. All that wishing went nowhere, because her team didn't win the challenge. The whole thing went down the wire, and Colby's last shot gave him and his team--Amanda and Danielle--the reward.

He might as well have gone alone, because he's really the only one interested in watching the film. Amanda decided she didn't enjoy the movie and started looking for the clue anyway. Catch is, Danielle already found the clue in the bowl of popcorn, and hid it under the bed. Cue Amanda being like a little kid, going to her side of the bed and snatching the clue. I would've called what happened next a catfight, but it's more of a playground argument, only with terms like "psychopath!" used, and with Colby not paying attention because, well, he's busy watching the movie. And he didn't seem happy to be interrupted, so he decided the clue was Danielle's. Amanda had no choice but to give it back.

The king makes a move: Russell, meanwhile, is reeling from Parvati's little shocking move in last week's Tribal Council. He's got a boo-boo, and he isn't happy. "It's not a surprise. It's a lie," he told her, a bit furious that she had her own immunity idol and she "stole" his. With that, and his being unsure of Sandra's motives, he goes to Candice and pretty much asks her to flip to the Villains. "She has no other way to go," he insisted. She seemed to bite.

He only got a lucky break when Danielle returned from the reward. After tales of how childish Amanda is (or that's what I thought) they looked for the hidden immunity idol. Danielle didn't find it. Russell did. "I'm the king of hidden immunity idols," he proclaimed, as he sneaked the package to his pocket and promptly ran away. And then he shows it to Candice. "I can bring you places," he claimed. She isn't so sure, fearing that the Heroes would use her actions to get rid of her. Well, duh.

But she really wants to flip: "Now that they took out JT, I can jump to them," Sandra said. "Now's the perfect time to make my move." She's basically flipped to the Heroes side, vowing to vote with them. But Russell is on to her, telling her not to flip or face the consequences. (No, Sandra, it's not a math problem. There really are six votes on the red side.) She tells the Heroes that one of them might've flipped, but the guys are doing a JT: "nobody's flipping."

Jerri's win during the immunity challenge--it's her very first immunity necklace, so she's really giddy--didn't put a dent on the plans at camp. Russell, having sensed that the Heroes are planning to vote for him, now wants Amanda out, calling her "Boston Rob in a girl's body". Sandra quickly figures out that Candice is the one who's flipped, and tells the Heroes about it. They're still not paying attention, probably watching their own Treasure Island. Well, except for Colby, who's seen the movie already. "If this thing doesn't work, it's Candice's fault," he said.

The king makes another move: Russell thinks Sandra and Candice have no other choice but to vote with him. "They both should have some genius plan to flip on me tonight," he said. Still, he wasn't confident, especially after he spotted the two girls discussing their vote. Sandra wants Candice to reconsider. Candice wants Sandra to reconsider. I don't know who's more stubborn, but I think Candice is fudging her chances up, especially since there's really no reason for her to flip. Right?

She did flip, and during Tribal Council six votes went down on Amanda, eliminating her. Another first in Survivor history: Amanda Kimmel got eliminated! But she wasn't the only loser tonight. Incredibly nervous Russell played his immunity idol, only to realize that the Heroes changed plans at the last minute: they all voted for Parvati instead, since Candice was being a snitch. And with that, there's no more leverage left... again.

Next week, the Villains start crumbling down. If this is not the best time for Sandra to flip, I don't know what is.

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