'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains' Recap: Rob's Vulnerable, But the Heroes, More So
'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains' Recap: Rob's Vulnerable, But the Heroes, More So
The Heroes weren't lucky on Survivor: Heroes vs Villains last week: despite the confidence that comes with being the good guys, they broke down during the immunity challenge. Voting Sugar out seemed necessary, since she performed poorly and could prove to be a thorn on their side in the future. This week, they have to get back into swing and survive another day. It should be an easy task, right? I mean, they're still high with the "we're the good team" sort of euphoria.

A blow to the "buffoon tribe": The Villains, on the other hand, are not having a good time. Sure, they trumped the Heroes last week, but they still can't meet halfway when it comes to making a fire and building a shelter. It's been a rainy night, and the following morning they're rebuilding their beds. Rob takes charge, but gets frustrated since everybody wants to have a say in things. Cue Courtney's foreshadowing: "I hope he doesn't drop dead in the next few days or we'll all die."

Rob, obviously very fatigued, walks away from the hoopla. Jerri follows him, sensing that something is wrong--and there is: he falls unconscious. Interesting he looks like he's just sleeping, but he did complain of headaches, and he did say he was unconscious. Anyway, he asks for help, and the medics come in and say he's just got the flu. Rob, apologetic, tells Jeff that he loves the game too much. An epiphany: "I should stop trying to be the good guy. Just do what everybody wants you to do."

Another breakdown: That realization came in at just the right time for the Villains. Their challenge this week is straight from Tocantins: they have to roll six heavy crates to their platform, and create a staircase out of it that spells their tribe's name. Taking a lesson from the last challenge, the Heroes agreed to listen to JT, since he's done it before. They took an early lead, but like last time, it all melted away when they got to the very end.

This time around, though, the game was pretty tight, especially with the staircases. The Heroes broke down when they lost track of their puzzle: everybody started shouting as their listen-to-JT game plan crumbled. The Villains were doing that very plan, with Rob taking charge--he did promise to return to his dictator roots rather than be a diplomat--and they won immunity, and much needed shelter construction supplies.

A target on Stephenie's back: Actually, the Heroes started fighting before the challenge. Rupert thinks Stephenie is a threat to him and should go. Stephenie thinks Rupert is annoying, and he's overdoing the "good guy" game too early.

But it gets worse after the challenge. James is especially frustrated at Stephenie, because she's disagreeing with everyone during the challenge. "One voice" was his mantra for the rest of the day. He'd say that repeatedly--after the challenge, back at camp... it does get annoying for a while, but you do see his point. He thinks she's the reason why their tribe lost two challenges in a row: in her previous season, after all, her tribe lost every immunity challenge until she was the only remaining person.

Swinging the swing vote: Now Tom's afraid of losing the chance to gain control of his tribe. With JT fluttering around ("now I don't know where to go") he figures he wants to keep his alliance with Colby and Steph intact, and the only way is to ask Candice and Cirie into the fold. They want to vote Amanda off again, since she's the weakest contestant.

The two girls figure it's not nice being the swing vote. Candice is worried about her future, since she's at the bottom of both alliances. Cirie is surprised, because she's not even close with Candice. She then floats her grudge against Amanda--how she chose Parvati back in Micronesia, costing her the win--and says that there are "common denominators" involved in their vote.

While all that's happening, Russell catches a chicken for the Villains, trying to assert his supremacy over a rejuvenated Rob.

Everybody versus James: It's a surprisingly transparent Tribal Council, but a nasty one, too. James lays his logic against Stephenie, and she fights back--as well as her entire alliance. Suddenly James is in the hot seat, for everything from being furious to using the term "y'all". It just is nasty, and in Stephenie's words, "unbelievable". Colby was surprised that the one-team mindset quickly shifted to a dog-eat-dog one. Me, I saw that coming.

The votes went two ways: it's either Stephenie (as James hoped) or Amanda (as Tom planned). It was a 3-3 tie before Jeff read two votes for Steph, effectively snuffing her out. It was 6-3, with both Cirie and Candice swinging against Tom. The vote didn't end nicely, though:

Steph: "Next time y'all lose a challenge, stop cussing."
James: "Keep your mouth shut."
Tom: "Oh, c'mon."

Oh c'mon, indeed. Next week, the Heroes go against James and his bullying ways. By all means, this means the Villains do have the upper hand.

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