'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' Premiere Night Interview Round-Up
Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains premieres tonight with a two hour kickoff. I would expect the same twin bill structure as the Gabon premiere, with the first person getting voted off halfway through, and second getting their torch snuffed to end the night.
Speculating about how it will all turn out is a lot of fun because you already know the personalities going in. Can Russell and Boston Rob co-exist? Can Rupert, JT, Tom, Colby and James form the Survivor equivelant of the Justice League? Can winners go far? Is Randy the ultimate under the radar threat? I say no, yes, I doubt it, and probably.

I believe that Russell will target Courtney, Sandra and Parvati as strong, outspoken women from Day 1. I believe Cirie will be the first hero gone. I think two of those four will go home tonight. But you might be picking Boston Rob for that, or Rupert. It's all up in the air.

The producers have done a fantastic job of building Heroes vs. Villains up to feel special. They've got a huge cast. They threw a great party. Last week there was a retrospective special. And they've provided journalists exceptional access so that we can share the contestants' thought process with you from the beginning.

If you haven't caught our interviews with all of the contestants, you have some fun reading to catch up on.

I look forward to sharing this season with you, constant reader. With Survivor recently getting reknewed for Seasons 21 and 22, and Jeff Probst resigning, this is not the end. It is merely the end of an era.

-Interviews conducted by Henry Jenkins