Survivor: Gabon - The Merits of Ace, an Arrogant Jerk
Could I have jinxed this season any worse?  My last two articles on Survivor: Gabon focused on how I liked Paloma and despised Ace.  And, what do you think happens?  Of course, Ace orchestrates the elimination of poor Paloma.  I'll give it to Ace – he has serious potential to become a bona fide evil genius.  The way he subtly got Paloma to “take the pole,” if you will, was a great move, forcing his team to witness Paloma's weakness, even if it was totally unfair.  I'm pretty sure Crystal would have dominated any female when it came to that challenge.  Now that one of my rooting interests is torch-less, I can turn my attention to rooting against Ace.  But, should I?  I do not want him to win, and I don't like him one bit, but would Survivor: Gabon be more fun with him around for an extended period of time?

Ace isn't a great player, at least not yet.  His clear alliance with Sugar is too declarative, and he shouldn't have told Bob that he's taking her to the end.  However, the fact that Sugar has the idol and only he knows it is very important, especially now that he knows some members of his tribe are targeting him.  If they play the idol right, Sugar and Ace can pick off whoever they want. 

I don't have any confidence in Ace to execute any plan to perfection, though.  He's too arrogant, too smarmy.  His tribe members will begin to turn on him soon enough, unless he takes a lesson from last night's tribal and tones down his act a little bit.  Even though his accent is real, the fact that Paloma could even question its authenticity just goes to show how over-the-top Ace's personality is.  It's always nice to have a Survivor contestant you hate around.  You can't like everyone on the show.  It's a little frustrating that, this early in the season, Ace's over-sized ego is dominating the screen time and not allowing us to get to know some of the other castaways.   

In other news, the Fang tribe got lucky last night.  Bob choked big time with the math puzzle.  A high school teacher should be able to dominate something like that.  For Fang, that victory is only going to postpone the inevitable collapse of the tribe.  GC is insufferable, stirring up conflict where there doesn't need to be any.  Randy, I fear, will eventually explode despite his better judgment.  The next time Fang loses immunity, it's going to either Randy or GC who gets the boot.  Hopefully, it's GC.  He should be one of the better challenge players, but his propensity to give up his disturbing and harmful. 

Survivor: Gabon is off to a solid start.  The contestants haven't been as dynamic as one would like, but it's still early.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)