Survivor: Gabon - Episode 6 Live Thoughts
Know this, Survivor players.  If you give any inclination that you're ready to leave the game, the other players will pounce on top of that.  Just ask GC and other contestants who have come before him that couldn't hack it in the game of Survivor.  You know it's going to be hard and lonely.  You know you're going to be exhausted and starving.  Why sign up if you don't have it in you to make it through the long haul?  I hope that from this point on, no one whines about the conditions and just plays the game hard.  My fellow writer, Oscar Dahl, is right.  This season lacks the competitiveness that we've seen in the past.  Let's step it up, Survivors!  I'll be here all hour, updating as we go so keep refreshing and post your thoughts, too.

Two people in bad positions come together with a common goal, to further themselves in the game: Ace and Matty.  Love it.  I don't want either leaving anytime soon.

Dan is taking 4th and 5th servings over at Kota, feeling that because he weighs more, he should eat more.  I'd go take that food right out of his mouth as he was chewing it!  Oh man, some people are so dumb. Sugar just gave Ace her idol.  Why wouldn't she want to play it in order to save herself?  ARGGGHHH...

Tonight's reward challenge is one we've seen before.  The tribes must race around a course until they catch the other but they're tethered to each other, carrying a heavy 200 pound snake.  We've seen this on previous seasons where they do this running through the water.  The prize is breakfast pastries and coffee.  That sounds good to me and I'm not even starving out in the middle of Africa!

The Fang tribe is an absolute waste of space.  This challenge was over in like 30 seconds because nobody could run with that snake except for Matty and Ace ... and people consider voting THEM out?!    Kota wins without barely breaking a sweat.

Crystal is busy doing damage control around camp saying that she is not weak because she dropped out of the challenge.  Kelly sees it a different way and it looks like the target on Crystal's back just got bigger.  Isn't she supposed to some gold medalist?  My son doesn't even believe that she's an Olympic athlete.  I just had a 10 minute argument with him about it.

Time for the immunity challenge - I'll just put all my money on Kota again.  Pairs are tethered together and have to run through an obstacle course to retrieve flagpole pieces.  First to bring back 3 sets of pieces and assemble it wins.  Fang looked good early on, til Kota took the lead but WOAH!  Check out Matty and Kenny!  They made up a lot of ground and the tribes are dead even.  Kota still wins.

If Fang was smart, they'd vote Kelly out.  Crystal wants Ace gone but I still think keeping strong members to the merge is a tribe's best bet.  Sugar keeps getting dumber - now she told Kenny that she gave Ace the idol.  Shut your mouth, woman!

Here are the votes from Tribal Council: Kelly.  Crystal.  Kelly.  Kelly.  Kelly.

Kelly has been eliminated from the game and will talk to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview tomorrow.  Don't miss it!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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