Survivor: Gabon - Episode 5 Predictions
Survivor: Gabon is in that pocket right now where you're not exactly sure what direction the season will take. We don't know who will be the stars of the show, if you will, and we also don't particularly know if this will be a great season or merely a good season (there are no bad seasons of Survivor).  There are some crazy characters, but there are quite a few dullards out there.  Too many cookie-cutter handsome dudes, and some of the women aren't much better.  The dynamic Survivor castaways so far: Bob, Ace, GC, Randy, Corinne, and Charlie.  Everyone else, I'm still on the fence with.  As we approach Survivor: Gabon's fifth episode (I can't believe that it's already been a month), some previous behavior has led me to concoct a few predictions.  Feel free to share your episode five predictions in the comments section below.

Ace Will Make a Move on Sugar

Ace has a thing for Sugar.  Clearly.  Would he put his strategic position at risk to try and acquire himself a showmance?  Yes, I think he would, but only because Sugar is important in keeping himself safe, especially when you consider that Sugar has the immunity idol.  I've gone on record saying that I'm not much of an Ace fan, and I'm not entirely sold on Sugar yet, but I think this could be an interesting showmance.  It could actually work to their benefit in the game. 

Kelly Will Wrap Ken Around Her Finger

Ken likes Kelly.  Mostly, because she's cute.  Ken was helpful in keeping Kelly around in the Fang tribe and removing Jacquie from the game, and Kelly will probably take special note of this.  She should.  Ken seems like the kind of guy who is easily smitten, and if Kelly knows what is good for her she'll pounce on this and use the gamer as best she can.  It could be a big help to Kelly.

GC Will Be Voted Off 

GC has to get the boot, and I bet he will if Fang loses again.  Ace does too much around camp, and voting him off could hurt Fang.  If Ace were smart, he'd call a truce in the Fang tribe and unite everyone in the common interest of being able to get along and win challenges.  GC gives up on his tribe, mouths off, and is generally a nuisance.  When you're deserted and tired, a person like GC wears on you.  Fang will want to be rid of him.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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