Survivor: Gabon - Changing My Mind on Ace
Sure, Ace may be an arrogant jerk.  There are worse ways to act on Survivor.  You could be malicious.  You could just give up.  No one is ever going to accuse Ace of lacking effort.  He has tried to carry the Fang tribe on his back over the last couple episodes of Survivor: Gabon.  Unfortunately, his supporting cast has let him down.  Even though he doesn't currently have the numbers on Fang, you just get the feeling that Ace is going to survive.  He'll find a way.  Of course, Fang would be insane to target Ace at this point, while in dire need of winning a challenge or two.  The scenes from next week show Ace playing a lot of hands, mixing it up a little.  If he succeeds in acquiring the immunity idol from Sugar, that's just another feather in his cap. 

My new found non-hatred of Ace is probably a direct result of having to compare him to GC, who was a disgrace from the beginning of the season until the end.  Unless he is truly unbalanced, and his claim that Survivor has made him act and say things that are unlike him, his performance this season was a pure and utter disgrace.  GC gave up during most challenges, emitted an attitude that was full of bile, and managed to anger almost everyone on the tribe. 

I have to give props to Randy's crafty work on the reward challenge.  The “Freeze, Ace, freeze” plot worked, incredibly, and may have turned the tide for good and crushed the spirits of Fang.  Randy continues to be a favorite of mine.  He's not that old, but he gives off the air of a crotchety old man.  He's seemingly devoid of any and all joy, but his brutal honesty and competitive spirit have endeared him to me.  I'm rooting for Randy, despite my better judgment. 

The other important thing we saw in the scenes from next week was a proposed alliance between Matty and Ace.  I've started to like Matty more as he's gotten more screen time, and both of those men are physically formidable.  An alliance between the two could be difficult to handle for the other castaways, and could lead them deep in the game.  If they do align, they'll be in better shape than any other members of Fang, and by a long shot.

-Oscar Dahl,  BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)