Survivor: Fiji - This Season's Stupidest Moments, Part One
This season of Survivor: Fiji started out slow.

The division between the two tribes – Moto, the Haves, and Ravu, the Have-Nots – seemed to irritate some viewers and many wondered if the show had finally totally lost its edge.

But then it seemed to turn a corner and suddenly there was a renewed interest and enthusiasm for the show.

Part of the show’s strength this year was, once again, an interesting group of castaways. Some, like Yau-Man Chan and Earl Cole, won over fans with their smarts and savvy game plan.

But others? Well, some others didn’t always get our attention for their smart moves.

Throughout the season, some players seemed to be unable to keep from shooting themselves in the foot. Whether it was hubris, or caving to the pressure and difficult surroundings, there were several “What were they thinking?!!?” moments on this season. Today, we’ll review Part One of our tops picks, and tomorrow Part Two.  Leave your ideas and opinions on what moments had you scratching your head!


- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Images courtesy of CBS)