Survivor: Fiji, Episode Two Recap

Originally aired on Thursday, 02/15/2007

Episode Rating:  **** (4 stars out of 5)

Episode Highlights:

  • How are things going for the Ravu tribe, who have nothing but a machete and a pot?  About as well as you would think.
  • The Survivors at the Moto camp eat lots of food, swing in hammocks and have pillows and a couch.
  • Things look up for Ravu, then almost immediately look right back down.

Recap:  As you might expect, things are not going well at Ravu.  After being kicked out of the luxurious digs they helped to build, they found themselves unceremoniously plopped on an extremely unfriendly beach.  Crucially: with no water.

So they take to licking the dew off leaves, and, in general, descending into a dehydrated mild delirium.  To the group’s credit, they do manage to stay positive with each other; then again, that might just be because it’s hard to pick a fight when you have trouble standing up.

Meanwhile, over at Moto, they are stuffing themselves silly (relative to usual Survivor standards).  Kenward Bernis, aka “Boo,” farts.

Back to Ravu, where things are bleak, therefore interesting.  They rub sticks, attempting to start fire, but are too exhausted.  Yau-Man has them crack coconuts for coconut water, but the machete is very dull, which makes it take more effort, effort they don’t have to give.  James Reid, aka “Rocky,” in desperation, eats a raw clam off the ground.  In interview, he says, Boston background in full effect, “I don’t eat clams off the ground!  We’re stahving here, bro!” When Rocky is in interview, you can completely tell he is talking to the interviewer as an individual and not the disembodied American public.  This must have driven the producers crazy, and makes me love Rocky just that much more.  Please PLEASE other Survivors, let him stay on the show as long as possible!

Back to Moto, where Boo has had some kind of mishap that has resulted in an eye injury.  Alex Angarita attempts to assist him and continues to be distractingly hot.  Then Boo – who for some reason the others allowed near an axe – axes his own finger and knee.  Then he rests in a hammock, which promptly disengages itself from its mooring and deposits Boo on the ground. 

Over at Ravu, Sylvia Kwan returns from Exile Island.  Yau-Man Chan pulls into second place as my favorite Survivor as he brazenly peeks in her bag for the immunity idol when hugging her hello.  From anyone else, something like that could be just evil, but he’s so tickled with himself that I can’t help but love him for it.  He, of course, finds nothing, since the clue she found indicated the idol was back at camp.

Sylvia is feeling extraneous and like an outsider since the others have had time to bond.  So she decides to start telling everyone what to do and how to do it, because in general, people can’t get enough of THAT.  Anthony Robinson, Mookie Lee and Rocky immediately start talking about voting her off next.

At Moto, Dre Herd, aka “Dreamz” (the nicknames!  All the nicknames!) and Gary Stritesky head off to look for yet more food.  Dreamz talks about how his experience being homeless is good training for this experience, but whatever, we don’t care about Moto right now, so let’s just get right back to Ravu to see if anyone has collapsed yet. 

No, not yet, and in fact there is a heartening turn of events: after Earl Cole, Erica Durousseau and Rocky scoured the island unsuccessfully for food, Erica actually turns up a whole load of pineapples.  The group is ecstatic for some sustenance prior to their upcoming challenge.

Onto the challenge, where the prizes are many: fishing gear, flint (if Ravu wins, Fatty Happy Camp doesn’t need fire-making implements because they have fire-starting fairies at their beck and call), and the power to send one of the other team members to Exile Island.  Jeff Probst informs them they will have to paddle a course, collect some floating chests, drag the chests to shore, then assemble a puzzle-pole to raise their flags.  (You know, I love Survivor, I think it’s a great show, period, not just a great reality show, but sometimes I can’t help but wonder if having to say things like “puzzle-pole” ever gives Jeff any pause about where his career has brought him.  “Puzzle-pole.”  There’s just nothing dignified about it.)

Ravu takes an early lead during the paddling and chest collection, working smoothly as a team while Moto seems a little frazzled and discombobulated.  Ravu maintains their lead up until the…puzzle-pole (I don’t even like WRITING it), when confusion and dissent in Ravu, including a mini-meltdown by Erica, gives Moto the chance to overtake them and WIN?  Oh man, that is rough.  Ravu has to head back to camp without the gear, with the flint (ergo without water) and without Earl, who is sent off to Exile Island by Fatty Happy Camp.

At Exile Island, Earl reads another clue about the Idol, kills a snake, makes some fire.  He’s glad for the fire, but doesn’t like being out of the loop.

Back to the Land of Sadness/Ravu Camp.  Erica’s vocal freak-out during the building of the…sigh….puzzle-pole just undid all the love her pineapple find had gotten her from her tribe-mates.  Mookie now wants her out, and Rocky goes along with it.  Anthony is next to be approached, but he is reluctant, and when Michelle and Rita try to flip him to vote for Sylvia. 

At tribal council, Jeff brings up both Sylvia’s bossiness and Erica’s freak-out, and the other speak cryptically enough about their plans that I am actually not entirely sure what is going to happen.  When Jeff tallies the votes: it’s five for Erica and two for Sylvia, with the final vote unread.

It seems to be another vote that blindsides the ousted Survivor, but it’s really of no consequence now: Ravu better figure out a way to get something going for itself or else they stand no chance against Fatty Happy Camp unless they like luxuriate themselves into complacency or something.  We’ll see next week!

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist