Survivor: Fiji - Episode 9 Live Thoughts
Survivor: Fiji is back and we've got live updates on the action.  Will tonight be the merge?  The ads certainly hint at that.  The promos have been making it seem like everyone would be heading to Exile Island which, if true, is pretty hardcore.

What follows are my quick thoughts while watching the episode. 

And Survivor: Fiji begins its ninth episode with a recap of the dual discoveries of the immunity idols.  We also take a look at Yau-Man’s utter dominance at the challenge last week.

Lisi was pretty annoying.  Dreamz started redeeming himself when he called out Lisi brutally at tribal council.

Mookie has taken over the immunity idol and says that he’ll use it selfishly and go against his word if he has to. 

Wow.  Both tribes get tree mail that tells them to pack up only their personal belongings and head to Exile Island.  Yikes.  They can’t bring nay rewards or tools.

This is probably the merge.  I doubt that they’ll be staying on Exile Island for an extended period of time. 

The Ravu guys each assign a Moto tribe member to attempt and pull into their alliance to get a majority vote.  Right now, they could get picked off one by one.

Both tribes make the long paddle to Exile Island. 

Everyone greets each other and they all seem pretty happy.

Jeff isn’t on Exile Island, no one is there and there are no instructions on the beach.

They venture to the top of the Exile Island fortress and find new (purple) buffs.  IT’S THE MERGE. 

And, they get tree mail telling them to all go back to Moto, the nice camp.  All the forever-Ravu members are excited to finally have some amenities.


They all come back to Moto to find that everything is gone.  Everything.  It’s all gone.  Everyone is devastated.

All they’ve got is a couple pots, a little fishing gear, and a machete.  Oh, and a cave.

The Survivors decide on Bula Bula as the new tribe name.  Bula means hello in Fiji.

Everyone gets to work on making the camp.

Earl says that he, Michelle, Cassandra and Yau-Man are the “tribe within the tribe”.

Mookie and Dreamz hit up Yau and Cassandra to get all the inside info on the old Moto tribe. 

So, a lot of things going on at this point.  A lot of jockeying for position.  Boo looks to be in the worst position, with both Moto and Ravu members either willing or okay with voting him out.

The two power alliances are as follows: Mookie, Alex, Edguardo and Dreamz in one camp.  And then Yau-Man, Earl, Michelle and Cassandra.  That puts Stacy and Boo on the outskirts.  If everyone agrees to knock Boo out first, then Stacy becomes the rubber vote. 

Mookie, out of the blue, tells Dreamz about the immunity idol.  Alex and Edguardo aren’t too happy about it.

Earl revels in the confusion of the current state of the tribe. 

Cassandra still wants to be on Dreamz side.  Easl is happy about the merge.  We’ll see how it plays out, but Earl might turn out to be an expert strategist.

Mookie wants to get rid of Stacy first, because he thinks that Stacy will be used by the other alliance. 

Wow, Dreamz hates Stacy. 

First individual immunity challenge.  I love the individual challenges. 

Well, maybe not.  Everyone draws stones from Jeff and are separated into two teams.  They will be facing off in the challenge.

You can read about the challenge in-depth on our full recap tomorrow. 

Holy crap!! The winning team of five will have immunity, won’t have to go to immunity and will be served a feast.

So, the challenge involves all five members paddling in aboat to different above water stations where they have to assemble puzzles based on Fijian symbols they have memorized.

This is a crazy situation.  I don’t think Survivor has ever done this before, giving to immunity to half of a merged tribe. 

The orange team is beating the green team.  But, after finishing the boating portion, make a fevered comeback.  Is it too little, too late?

It’s Earl and Yau-Man vs. Michelle and Alex on the final puzzle..  And the orange team wins it.  They consist of:  Boo, Eduardo and Cassandra, Yau-Man and Earl.  So, they win and get to feast.

Wow!!! Another ridiculous twist.  So, the losing team (Dreamz, Alex, Michelle, Mookie, and Stacy) doesn’t get to go back to camp and strategize.  They join Jeff and head straight to tribal council.   Crazy.

The winning team takes their feast back to camp, but first they uncork the bottle of wine.  Boo is a happy, lucky man. 

Eduardo is worried about Alex getting voted off.  Earl is worried about Michelle being gone. 

All right, let's get to tribal council.

I'm guessing that Stacy will be going home.  However, this is going to be a weird vote.  Someone could go home with two votes!

Jeff goes around and asks different people why they should get rid of others. 

Uh-oh, it could be Michelle.  Alex pretty much says that he's going to be voting for Michelle.

Ooh, Mookie and Alex vote differently.  It's got to be Stacy now, because you know Dreamz voted for her.

Shoot, Michelle is going home.  I liked her a hell of a lot more than Stacy.

That was a great episode that just proves that Survivor has a lot left in the tank after 14 seasons. What did you think?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer