Survivor: Fiji - Episode 3 - What Others Are Saying

Survivor: Fiji’s gimmick – the Haves vs. Have Nots – is not necessarily winning a whole heck of a lot of fans out in the blogosphere.

Jam remarks: “Last night, ‘Survivor’ host Jeff Probst remarked that the Ravu Tribe was “dissolving emotionally” right before his very eyes and chided the dehydrated and starving group for allowing the game to ‘slip through their fingers.’…How can any of the producers complain that Ravu is doing so poorly when they were intentionally put that far behind the eight ball?”

The Survivor Blog at The Advertiser agrees:

“Survivor: Fiji is turning into what the guys in the sports department call a skull dragging. As Kevin Foote once described it, it’s as though one team is beating the other by such a margin, it’s as though the loser’s skull is being dragged along the ground.

Sounds painful.

It’s also quite painful to watch.”

TVSquad finds the concept less painful and more snooze-inducing:

“This season's concept is rapidly getting boring. Not just sort of pointless the way last season's was but boring to the point of making me wonder if Survivor has, at long last, finally lost its appeal for me. We've had underdog seasons before but when the underdogs aren't particularly likable and they are only underdogs because the game is rigged against them I have to wonder what the fun in this. There was not an element of tonight's game that held any sort of surprise or joy for me. Has Survivor run out of twists?”

The MeeVee blog, however,  remains hopeful that all the Ravu suffering will ultimately have an entertaining payoff:

“Look for Ravu to fall apart at the seems in grand fashion next week – nobody can take so much defeat gracefully.  At least no one Survivor would cast.  In other words, next week oughtta be good.  Really good.”

Although there was a momentary twist with the sudden Lord-of-the-Flies like turn on Anthony Robinson, to Reality News Online, it seemed obvious and inevitable that Sylvia Kwan would be voted off:

“Sylvia was never destined to go far in the game of Survivor. She simply had too many negatives stacked against her: Age, strength relative to the others on her tribe, the appearance (and possible reality) of being pushy, lack of survival skills, etc.”

And with regard to another individual, Reality TV Calendar brought up a good point that I, too, thought of when watching the medics attend to Papa Smurf Gary Stritesky:

“One thing I know is when an athlete gets a concussion or one is suspected, they are evaluated and held out of their sport for precautionary measures. I am not calling Gary an athlete by any stretch of the imagination. However, do you think he might just be a little concussed? The man didn't know his name or where the heck he was for crying out loud! Not once over the last 3 weeks were the words dementia, memory loss or reduced gray brain matter ever connected with Gary.”

Excellent point, and let’s hope this was reviewed by the medics and just edited out.  Nobody – except maybe Gargamel – wants to see Papa Smurf hurt!

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist