Survivor: China - Zhan Hu Top 6 Power Rankings
The Zhan Hu tribe of Survivor: China made a big, big mistake on last week's episode by voting off WWE Diva Ashley Massaro.  Ashley was a hell of a competitor, and a fun personality, but she was railroaded by self-appointed leader Dave, and the rest of the tribe fell right in line.  The tribe is in relative shambles at this point and, if they want to make things interesting before the merge, they need an immunity victory this week.  We have a little better feel for the tribe after two episodes, but it's still completely clear.  I don't know too much about Erik Huffman or Sherea Lloyd still, but I have more to go on than last week. 

#6 – Peih-Gee Law

I thought she'd be the next one to go on Zhan Hu, but apparently she toned down her annoyance level after the first few days.  However, her bossy tendencies and outspoken attitude will get her in trouble at some point.  When you add her relative uselessness in challenges, Peih-Gee is a sitting duck.  The young kids should probably turn on her the next chance they get. 

#5 – Dave Cruser

I had him in the number one spot last week, but his actions last episode proved me completely off base.  Dave is a stubborn and poor leader whose rift with Ashley may end up crippling the tribe.  He is a tireless worker, so I have to give him some dap, but that can't forever keep him safe from elimination.  If he breaks down at another immunity challenge, look for his tribe mates to start orchestrating his removal from the game.

#4 – Sherea Lloyd

Sherea wanted to be loyal to Ashley.  But, knowing that Ashley was going to be voted off regardless of her vote, she decided to play it smart and not rock the boat.  Other than that, the jury is still out on Sherea.  She mostly seems like a very nice lady, whose challenge abilities are middling. 

#3 – Erik Huffman

Nice guy.  Other than that, I don't have much. 

#2 – Jaime Dugan

Jaime was the Zhan Hu member kidnapped by the opposing tribe last episode, an event that didn't shine a whole lot of light on Jaimie's Survivor abilities.  I agree with her decision to give the immunity idol clue to the other tribe's weakest member, because there's a good chance that person will be voted off before they can find the hidden immunity idol.  She also seems harmless, which should make it easy for her to skate to the merge.  Being cute doesn't hurt either.

#1 – Michael 'Frosti' Zernow

The default number one goes to Frosti because Zhan Hu simply cannot even consider voting him off.  Frosti's athleticism and challenge dominance forces his tribe mates to keep him around.  This athleticism will make him a threat later in the game and could eventually get him voted off, but of all the members of Zhan Hu, I'd say he's the only lock to make it to the merge.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)