Survivor: China - Strong Over Weak, Excess Male Nudity, and the Likable Bullies
Man, I'm enjoying this season of Survivor.  Through three episodes, Survivor: China is already the most physically demanding season in series history.  I'm surprised there haven't been any serious injuries yet.  I'm also surprised James hasn't ripped someone's arm out of its socket.  Last night's reward challenge got ugly, faces narrowly missing wood as contestants plummeted into the water.  Of course, the downside/upside to such physically taxing challenges is the nudity.  It's always fun watching women rip each other's tops off...if they happen to be attractive.  This hasn't been the case on Survivor: China.  In one instance, which would have been the most traumatic uncensored nudity of all time, Denise the Lunch Lady was prominently exposing some lower frontal nudity, inducing a large blurry spot from the CBS censors.  No one needs that.

The most egregious act of nakedness from the night was Derek “Dave Cruser” Zoolander's choice to play the reward challenge buck naked.  There was no real reason to be naked for the challenge and I can't imagine it was pleasant for the spectators.  You can't expect anything less from Dave, who has proved himself to be insufferable.  Zhan Hu has to regret sending Ashley Massaro home instead of Dave at this point.  

Also, my fellow Survivor watchers and I all agreed that Survivor: China featured an inordinate amount of male crotch shots last night.  It was totally inexplicable and just awful.  One time, after a commercial break, they cut to a close up of Aaron's crotch as he walked back to camp.  Really?  Is the cameraman kneeling on the trail, blatantly pointing his camera at Aaron's privates?  Did CBS do some market research and find that women in America desire more crotch shots? 

Moving on, let's take a moment to say goodbye to Leslie.  It's a better game with her gone.  I don't want to rain on her overt Christianity, but when she claimed that they lost the immunity challenge because they didn't have the “heart” that Zhan Hu had, I wanted to vomit.  Leslie, did you watch the immunity challenge?  The reason, the ONLY reason, Fei Long lost the challenge was because Courtney weighs 65 pounds and took an hour to perform a task that everyone else finished in under 30 seconds.  Not everything has to have a profound explanation.  And, by the way, Courtney isn't as unlikable as some are claiming her to be, but she is a massive black hole in any physical challenge.  If Fei Long have any sense, she'll be voted off next. 

I like Jean-Robert and James.  Their friendship is so damn arrogant, yet they're not out of line.  The tribe needs their physical presence in the challenges to have any sort of chance.  James remains my favorite contestant this season, and I thought it was great that he came out of his shell a bit last episode.  And, he's going bald, which was unexpected and kind of funny.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)