Survivor China: Episode 2, "My Mom Is Going To Kill Me!" Recap
On tonight's episode of Survivor, the tribes had trouble getting along.  They competed in a reward challenge for fishing gear and a boat.  The winning tribe would get to kidnap someone from the losing tribe, who carried valuable information.  The immunity challenge was a tight race combining brains and brawn.  Another tribe member is sent home.

In last week's tribal council, Jeff looked for someone to step up as leader of Zhan Hu.  Both Dave and Peih-Gee stepped up and agreed to get their tribe in order.  Zhan Hu lost respect for Dave as quickly as they had gained it.  Though he had good ideas, he didn't seem to want to listen to anybody else and got annoyed if someone disagreed with his point of view.  Over at Fei-Long, Jean-Robert kicked his strategy into gear, intentionally being lazy, causing his tribe to dislike him.

At the reward challenge, tribes got "down and dirty" to win that fishing gear and boat.  Large balls were released into a muddy pit and tribes would have to try to push them across the playing field to their goal.  Things got physical quickly as people throw each other to the ground and clothes fly off in the process.  Fei Long ends up winning and choose Jaime from Zhan Hu to kidnap.  She is given a clue to a hidden immunity idol to give to the opposing tribe member of her choice.

Leslie has decided that she can trust Todd and thinks she's in an alliance with him.  Little does she know that he made a final three deal with Aaron and Amanda earlier in the day.  Jaime identifies Leslie as the weakest player on the tribe and gives her the idol information.  Her strategy is to keep the other tribe weak if possible.  Almost immediately, Leslie shares the information with Todd, who is happy to be in on it.

For their immunity challenge, tribes had to run through a series of doors by ramming it with a large pole.  Then, they had to complete a puzzle before crossing the finish line.  Though the tribes were neck and neck throughout most of it, Fei Long pulled off another win, sending Zhan Hu to tribal council for the second week in a row.  It seemed Dave and Ashley were on the chopping block.  Dave was up for his poor leadership skills and Ashley was up for not doing much around camp, due to illness.  Both made strong cases against the other and, in the end, the tribe sent Ashley, the pro wrestler, home.

Next week on Survivor, the tribes will compete for some comfort items in a reward challenge.  Another puzzle comes into play for immunity.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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