'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' Recap: Never Go Down Without a Fight
'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' Recap: Never Go Down Without a Fight
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Hayden is obviously none too happy that he and Caleb's plan to blindside Ciera last week did not go as planned. And to show his displeasure, he tells everyone back at camp that he hopes they all like coming in second place, because no one can beat Tyson if he gets to the end.

Now if Gervase had half a brain in his head, he'd pipe down and let Tyson take all of the heat. But no, he's eager to prove how "in control" he is, and how Tyson would never have made it this far without him. Geeze.

Tyson doesn't appreciate Hayden throwing him under the bus, and he says in his confessional that he wishes he hadn't played his immunity idol, but he's confident in his alliance. He, Monica, Ciera and Gervase all decide right away that Hayden has to be the next to go and not Katie.

Redemption Island

Right off the bat walking into the arena, Caleb is already being a Bitter Betty. He says that in the South, a man's word is a man's word, but the same isn't true for Utah or Philly, apparently, a dig at Tyson and Gervase respectively. Gervase tells him that they were just acting in their best interest when they learned of Caleb and Hayden's plan to blindside Tyson first, and that Caleb is just a sore loser.

The challenge is for Tina, Laura and Caleb to build a house of cards. Whichever two people stack their cards to eight feet, or the two people with the highest stack at the end of 30 minutes get to stay in the game. The winner gets to give a player the immunity idol clue.

After 24 minutes into the challenge, Laura is heads in front of the other two goobers. She dominates the challenge easily, and stays yet another week. Laura may be one of the best survivors to be voted out twice (maybe three times before this is all done!) to have ever played the game.

Caleb and Tina battle it out to get the higher stack before the 30 minutes is up. Caleb looks like he has it in the bag until his tower topples with about a minute left to go. So all Tina has to do is wait until the time is up because there's no way Caleb could catch up.

So Caleb is sent to the jury, but not before Jeff Probst could express once again how crazy it is that Caleb is in a relationship with a little goon like Colton. Caleb points out that they do have a lot in common. Like, they are both guys. I guess you have to start somewhere.

Ciera makes the smart decision not to throw her hidden immunity idol clue in the fire. But this is immediately followed by a dumb decision back at camp...


...where she decides to read the clue OUT LOUD. In front of EVERYONE. So not only does everyone in her alliance now have an even shot at finding the idol, but so does Katie and Hayden when they spot them looking for it.

Tyson feels like this is the most threatened he's felt during the game now that he's without the idol, so he's determined to find the new one. After his girlfriend Rachel was voted out earlier in the game, he felt guilty for not taking her place in the Redemption Island duel, but he knew he had a better shot at winning. Now the only way he feels like he can justify that decision is getting to the end.

And his wits and determination pay off. He finds yet another immunity idol in a tree. And once again, he's going to keep it to himself. He has to hide it in his crotch where QUOTE, "no one will suspect a bulge." Come to Survivor for the exotic locales and game play, stay for the crotch jokes.

Hayden approaches Gervase, suggesting that now would be a good time to blindside Tyson. Gervase tells Hayden what he wants to hear, but confesses that he's staying tight with Tyson although he likes having Hayden as an option.

Immunity Challenge

This week, the survivors have to balance a ball on top of a pole through a series of obstacles. After each obstacle, the survivor has to add another section to the pole thus making it harder to balance the ball. At the end of the course, they then have to untie a rope and unlock a lock to open a box full of sandbags. Then they have to toss sandbags to knock over bamboo posts. Whoever knocks down all of their posts first wins immunity and an ice cream snack delivered right to camp.

Monica is off to a fast start once again, proving that she is a master balance-er and also all-around bad ass. Gervase and Tyson are on her tail, but Ciera and Katie fall out of things almost immediately (shocking, I know).

Gervase makes up a lot of ground and they're neck and neck when it comes to the bags portion of the challenge. But Gervase uses his over-hand to chuck the bags at the posts, knocking multiple posts over at once. Monica looks like she might catch up when Gervase can't knock over his last one, but she can't quite make it. He knocks the last post over and wins immunity.

As usual, Jeff tells him he can share the reward with a friend. He doesn't hesitate at all in choosing Monica to pay her back for letting the whole tribe eat a couple of challenges ago. But then Jeff says to pick someone else too, and he waffles but settles on "his left-hand man" Tyson.

Loser Shuffle

Hayden is glad to see that Gervase picked Monica and Tyson and left out Ciera so he can try and talk her into switching to voting with he and Katie. He tells her that she's clearly number four in their alliance and now would be a good time to make a move.

He even approaches Gervase and Ciera together, telling them both that no matter what, they can't win against Tyson. Gervase honestly thinks he can beat Tyson, so there's no way he's switching. But Hayden keeps telling Ciera that if she wants to win, she needs to have a resume, and this is a big move that would look good on hers.

Hayden is pretty convinced that he's going home tonight, but he is not going down without a fight. He even has the gall to tell Tyson that he's angling for a blindside, but it's nothing personal.

Tribal Council

Jeff starts things off by asking how Gervase's reward decision affected the tribe. Ciera is all too willing to make excuses for him, but once again, Gervase puts his foot in his mouth saying that Monica and Tyson were both original Galang members so he feels more loyalty to them. That immediately sets Ciera on edge and sets the tone for the rest of Tribal Council.

Hayden starts his "bring Tyson down with him" strategy and tells everyone that Tyson is in control and decides everyone who gets voted out.

There's a nice little moment where Jeff calls out Katie, who makes some ignorant statement about all of the "political what-have-you." He basically chides her for not actually playing Survivor, saying, "This is where the game is won and lost, do you not get that?" She mumbles something about being at the bottom for the last few weeks so she hasn't had the chance to be apart of the political conversations.

Monica claims that it would be a bad move for Ciera if she were to swing to Hayden and Katie's side because four is better than six. But Hayden says she's making his argument for him, because with him and Katie, Ciera would have a one-in-three chance.

This is where Gervase and Tyson start to get nervous about Ciera switching. Instead of trusting her, and calmly assuring her, Gervase puffs out his chest and aggressively tells Ciera to "stay 100" with them. Whatever that means.

Then Hayden decides to tell Katie and Ciera that he's voting for Monica, because if Ciera's not number four, then she is. If Gervase and Tyson are so eager to prove to Ciera that she's not on the bottom of the totem pole, then hypothetically they would be willing to switch their votes in the case of a re-vote. A smart move by Hayden.

After the first vote (where Gervase writes "Hay-done" on his ballot because he is a hilarious genius, har har har) it's a tie between Monica and Hayden. WHAT?! I literally can't believe that Ciera actually switched her vote. Ciera is NOT playing around folks.

And after another vote, it's STILL tied.

So the rules of Survivor state that if the tribe can't unanimously come to a decision to vote out either Monica or Hayden, then the remaining tribe members (not including Gervase who has immunity) have to draw rocks. Ciera refuses to switch her vote from Monica unless Tyson can prove to her that she's not number four, by voting out Monica. But Tyson refuses to do that. So Tyson, Katie and Ciera are going to draw rocks.

Fortunately for us viewers, Katie draws the white rock and is the one who will head to Redemption Island to be reunited with her mom.

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8pm on CBS.

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