'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' Recap: Enemy Number One
'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' Recap: Enemy Number One
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Last week on Survivor, we saw our first pair of loved ones to bite the dust when John was voted off Tadhana and sent to Redemption Island with his wife, Candice and Marissa. Obviously, Candice is more upset than happy to see her husband. She wishes that he would have been less trusting of his tribe mates, specifically Brad Culpepper.

Redemption Island

Candice brings that anger directed at Brad to Redemption Island the next day flipping him the bird as she walks into the arena. For someone so smart she is really holding a needlessly personal grudge against Brad. She calls him out for not only being the leader of Tadhana, but also for acting like a jerk and "shushing their women." Brad has a big problem with her accusations and so does Monica. Monica reminds everyone that Brad isn't the only person voting on the other tribe, that it takes more than one vote to get rid of someone.

The challenge is for John, Candice and Marissa to untangle a key from around a post, release a bag of puzzle pieces, and then solve a 3-D puzzle. John has the challenge in the bag pretty early, thus winning a clue to the hidden immunity idol. Marissa and Candice battle it out, and Candice's slow but steady method beats out Marissa's frantic movements. I know I'm sad to see Marissa go, but she did not go without a fight (always remember, "EFF YOU, BRAD CULPEPPER!").

Candice tells John to give Monica the hidden immunity idol clue to put the target on her back, so John gives her the clue. And then Brad tells Monica to take the clue right down from the bleachers and throw it in the fire, which she does. I guess we can tell who really wears the pants in each of their respective relationships. Either way, now Monica's chance of finding a hidden immunity has gone up in flames (see what I did there?).


Monica is sad to see her husband get so much abuse at each RI duel. Laura M. assures her that it is just because people are getting their feelings hurt. And Gervase tells her that the Brad Culpepper she knows might not necessarily be the Survivor Brad Culpepper that everyone else knows. No matter what, Monica doesn't think he'll make the merge.

Tyson is still nursing the shoulder he injured at last week's immunity challenge. But he admits to playing it up just a bit to get out of work around camp and to make his tribe mates feel sorry for him. Not only that, but he and Gervase are sneaking off to eat coconuts by themselves without sharing with anyone else. #CoconutBandits, and that's CBS's hashtag, not mine.


Though Brad says he's been a target for his whole life, whatever that means, it's clear that all of the attacks at RI are getting to him. He's surprised that Candice has taken things so personally. He throws around the idea of getting rid of Caleb next just because now he's unattached so he won't make any more enemies. Something makes me think that no matter what, Brad will be making enemies throughout the rest of this game.

But the other guys on the tribe are feeling a little suspicious of Brad's shady behavior and none of them want to be the next blindside. So Hayden, Vytas and Caleb all agree to keep Brad around just long enough to take the heat when they merge.

Immunity Challenge

For the immunity challenge, the tribes have to row their boats out into the water to retrieve crates that are tethered below the water. Once they have their crates, they have to go back to the beach and build a set of stairs, solve a puzzle that gives a combination to a key, and then use the key to raise their flag. The winner gets immunity and a spread of coffee, tea and baked goods, or fishing gear.

Tadhana is off to a quick start, because like we saw before, Galang is really bad at steering a boat. But once they get started on retrieving the crates, Laura B. and Monica shine for Galang while Brad does the majority of the labor on Tadhana. The two tribes are pretty much even when they stack their crates on the beach.

Laura M. and Tyson are working on the puzzle against Ciera and Vytas. Once again, Laura M. shows her daughter who's boss and completely owns at the puzzle to give Galang yet another win.

Loser Camp

Back at camp, the normal routine commences of the men "going to get water" while the women stay back and "make rice." But Caleb is put-off when the men go to talk about who they want to vote off that night, and Brad is back cavorting with the women.

His suspicions are correct because Brad's busy being a little weasel telling the women to vote Caleb. But Caleb trusts that his boys Hayden and Vytas have his back and they all agree to vote for Ciera.

Tribal Council

Everything starts off more or less routine with Jeff pointing out that Ciera has had her ass handed to her by her mom in three separate challenges. Brad agrees that she has been the weakest part of their tribe and that they should try and keep their tribe as strong as possible moving forward.

Then Jeff brings up how Brad has been getting destroyed at the RI duels and asks him if it wouldn't be easier just to vote off someone who is unattached. Instead of LYING like a smart Survivor player would do and then just vote off Ciera, Brad admits that that was something he took into consideration for tonight's vote, immediately setting an alarm off in Caleb, who is the only one on the tribe without a loved one still in the game.

With his suspicions 100 percent confirmed, Caleb turns TC on it's head, immediately telling everyone that he's writing Brad's name down instead tonight. It's a brave move, but maybe too emotional of a reaction, considering that getting rid of Brad instead of Ciera makes the tribe exponentially weaker.

Brad sputters in confusion, assures Caleb that he's not writing his name down, but still voting for Ciera. It doesn't matter; Caleb has made up his mind.

So Caleb, Katie (yes, there is a person named Katie on this tribe, although we're not sure if she's been given permission to speak or even do confessionals), and Ciera vote for Brad and Brad, Hayden and Vytas vote for Ciera which leads to a re-vote.

On the re-vote, Vytas switches his vote to Brad and Brad gets sent home. Now Brad plus Candice and John is going to make for one interesting Redemption Island next week, I gotta say.

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