Survivor: Tocantins - Episode 5 "You're Going to Want That Tooth" Recap (Page 2/2)
At Exile, Stephen and Brendan begin what could very well blossom into a beautiful, beautiful bromance.  They enjoy the views together.  They take long walks in the sand.  They give each other bro-fives.  They make a fire together.  Stephen is still wary of Brendan, because he barely knows him.  Smart – he's going to keep his options open.

Survivor: Tocantins - Timbira Final 6 Power Rankings

Survivor: Tocantins - Jalapao Final 6 Power Rankings

Sydney recounts a dream she had about her boyfriend.  It involves chips, salsa and her boyfriend.  She talks about this with Spencer.  Sydney asks if there are any ladies in his life.  He's keeping the fact that he's gay a secret.  He's not ashamed or anything, he doesn't like hiding it, he says, but doesn't believe there's anything to gain from coming out to his tribe.  Spencer cites JT – he's not sure how accepting JT would be of his homosexuality, given his Southern roots.  He's not saying JT is a homophobe, just that, game-wise, he can't take that risk.

Immunity Challenge:

Two members of each tribe take turns launching balls out of a catapult.  The rest of the tribe members are out on the course and have to try and catch them with nets.  First team to five catches wins.

Sydney and Stephen are the launchers for Jalapao.  Erinn and Debbie for Timbira. 

JT gets the first two balls, and puts Jalapao up 2-0.  Joe hurts his knee.  Brendan catches the first for Timbira, and then catches the next to tie it up 2-2.  JT catches another one, but loses a tooth in the process.  JT throws the tooth in the water, saying he doesn't need it.  It's only half a tooth, he says.  JT is kind of a bad ass.  Probst picks up the tooth, you know, for later.  JT catches his fourth ball, putting Jalapao on the precipice, up 4-2.  Tyson catches the next, making it 4-3. And, then the next one goes to Tyson again.  It is now now tied 4-4.  AND TYSON SCORES AGAIN.  The comeback is completed, and Timbira wins immunity.  JT is super-pissed, especially at Spencer, who didn't do much of anything during the competition.  Probst gives JT back his tooth – small consolation. 

A dejected Jalapao return to camp.  Taj was angered by today's challenge.  She believes she might be a target.  She throws a fit in the water with Joe, Stephen and JT.  She wants to take emotions out of it, and just vote to make the tribe the strongest.  Taj makes a big mistake, and flips out at Joe for never approaching her to make an alliance.  Or something.  Even Joe was confused.  JT and Joe seem to want to vote Taj out.  Stephen is therefore conflicted.  He has the idol in his possession, so he's not totally opposed to letting Taj get the boot.  Then again, there's that 4-way alliance. 

Joe and JT discuss tribal council some more.  JT straight up tells Spencer that he's pissed about his challenge performance.  Spencer is pretty sheepish in his own defense.  It's going to be Spencer or Taj. 

Tribal Council :

Spencer admits that his challenge performance was pathetic.  Taj admits to blowing up at camp, admits that she got upset.  Taj and Spencer allude to knowing that they're on the chopping block.  Probst brings up the effects of Taj going to exile.  There's nothing she can do about it, she says.  It's not her choice.  Joe pretty much makes Taj say out loud, “I do not have the immunity idol.”  Time for the vote.  This is how the votes shook out:


Spencer Duhm has been voted out of Survivor: Tocantins
.  Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Spencer, which we'll publish tomorrow.


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