Survivor: Tocantins - Episode 13 "The Martyr Approach" Recap (Page 2/2)
"We were having a meat festival," Stephen explains.  Whoa there, buddy.  Relax.  

They discuss the future.  They agree that they're on their way to the final two.  After Erinn's outburst, they consider getting rid of her now, then Coach.  That would be dumb, if you ask me.

Coach explains that his experience in Exile was "awesome," despite his starvation, his lack of water, and his inability to sleep.  As big of a blowhard as Coach is, you have to respect to his philosophy of mind over matter.  The man has a positive outlook, or at least claims to.  Even if he is full of crap, he does his best to convince himself he isn't, if that makes sense.

Immunity Challenge:

Coach dramatically returns from Exile Island, limping with his cane.  It's hilarious.  Taj comments on his drama queen tendencies.  Each castaway has to hold themselves up between two walls, using only a foothold and their arms.  Every fifteen minutes, they move to smaller footholds.  At the third foothold, they just hold on as long as they can.

Everyone makes it to the second foothold.  Coach explains his mental advantage at Jeff's prodding, while Erinn chuckles to herself.  Moving to the final foothold, Erinn drops out.  The final foothold is incredibly small.  Stephen drops soon after, followed quickly by Taj.  Coach versus J.T.  Coach looks very comfortable up there, J.T. not so much.  Jeff asks J.T. if he brought out a steak and a six-pack, would he step down?  J.T. says he would.  There is no steak or six-pack, however.  They've made it to fifty minutes.  Coach is hurting.  Or at least he's acting like it.  He starts yelling, wincing in pain.  Then he drops.  

J.T. wins immunity, then Coach flails onto the ground dramatically, writhing in pain.  Is it an act? Probably, at least somewhat.  He says his back was spasming.  Whatever.  

Erinn and Taj wonder what Coach is thinking - is he trying to simply gain sympathy?  Erinn does not believe that Coach is actually hurting.  J.T. talks to Coach, assures him that Erinn is going home.  I hope he isn't buying all of Coach's nonsense.  It will make me think a whole lot less of J.T.  Stephen is up in the air.  He could go either way - it's assumed that Erinn and Taj will be voting for Coach.  

Tribal Council:

Erinn is asked about her comments before Coach went to Exile. Her opinion makes sense, upset that Coach tried to upstage her brutal stay on Exile.  Coach then rambles, but actually quotes a pretty prescient line from Mark Twain.  Coach is extremely arrogant about his place in the game.

OH GOD!!! Coach wrote a poem for tribal council, and he recites it to everyone.  Unreal.  Here's how Jeff reads the votes:


Coach has been voted off.  Stephen comes through for Erinn, as Sierra celebrates on the sidelines.  All right everyone, stay tuned for our interview with Coach Benjamin Wade tomorrow.  Should be exciting.


-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer