Survivor: Tocantins - Episode 12 "The Ultimate Sacrifice" Recap (Page 2/2)
Day 32.  Debbie makes plans with J.T. to talk about ousting Coach.  This makes J.T. very suspicious.  Then, Coach tells J.T. and Debbie that they should blindside Taj, mostly because she has the immunity idol.  J.T. plays along, but he only wants to make it seem like he's on the same page as Coach.  When Coach goes on a walk, the remaining four have a pow-wow.  They all seemingly agree to get rid of Coach.  Debbie is the one spear-heading this campaign.  They all talk about how Coach does nothing at camp.  That he's lazy.  Debbie then tells J.T. and Stephen that it should be Coach, then Erinn and Taj.  Debbie then tells the two boys that she'll make this deal - if it comes down to the final three and she wins the immunity idol, she'll give her immunity idol up and let them vote her out.  She says she'd be happy with third.

Wow.  So, it's an intriguing offer, as Stephen says,  but it's very suspicious.  The two guys talk to Erinn, and they agree to target Debbie now.  Lot of wheels are spinning here.

Immunity Challenge

It's an obstacle course.  Tunnel under some wood, walk across a balance beam, crawl under some nets.  Then head out into a field where there a bunch of rotating math symbols.  The players have to memorize the symbols and write their answers down on a board.  First person to correctly write down the sequence and then figure out the denoted math problem wins. The catch?  To write down the symbols, they have to race all the way back to the beginning of the challenge.  

J.T. gets stuck for a second, but he's the first one through the course.   He's got a big lead, but it takes him multiple trips to get the symbols right.  Stephen is way behind the whole time, but he manages to remember all seven symbols on the first go-around.  He barely beats J.T. for the immunity win.  In case you hadn't figured it out by now, Stephen is one smart dude.  

Stephen and J.T. feel like they are in a dominant position now.  And they are.  J.T. and Stephen tell Taj about Debbie's incredible scheming.  Stephen and J.T. appear to be onboard and loyal with Taj.  Stephen really likes Debbie, so he's reticent to get rid of her.  Coach thinks that they will be getting rid of Taj now.  Coach thinks J.T. and Stephen are in a rock hard alliance with him.  The man is completely delusional.  

Stephen and J.T. are really, really confident, bordering on arrogant.  There is the possibility that everyone rises up and votes out J.T.  Eh, probably not, because from there we cut directly to...

Tribal Council

Brendan, Tyson and Sierra walk to their spots on the jury with coats over their shoulder, clearly making fun of Coach.  Coach says that Stephen is a warrior because he started as a boy who reads books about adventure to a man who is living the adventure.  What a weird freaking dude.  Jeff openly mocks Coach in front of everyone, questioning the origins of "The Dragon Slayer" moniker.  Coach gets a little defensive.  These tribal councils have pretty much turned into a Coach talk show.  It's entertaining, I suppose.  

Before the vote, Debbie says that the vote tonight will be a surprise.  We'll see what that means, or if Debbie has any idea what's going on.  Here's how the votes go down:


Debbie is gone, and Coach is not pleased with what has happened.  So, I suppose Coach has to win immunity next week or he's gonzo.  He has to.  Stay tuned for more Survivor coverage tomorrow, including an interview with Debbie.


-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer