Survivor: Tocantins - Episode 11 "They Both Went Bananas" Recap (Page 2/2)
Coach has a little talk with J.T. about the next vote.  He lies to J.T. and says that Sierra came to him about recreating the Timbira alliance.  Coach is THIS delusional - he actually still trusts J.T. despite the voting off of Tyson.  Stephen is receptive to Sierra, especially after she sheds some tears.  A lot of ways this could go.  Stephen talks to Coach and J.T., and Coach lies again, proclaiming his loyalty to the two Jalapao men.  Who is Stephen to believe?  He's not sure at all.  He explains the He Said/She Said business to J.T. and starts to freak out a bit.  J.T. brings up the possibility of sending Coach home.  I like it. 

Immunity Challenge

Part 1: Players have to toss grappling hooks out and attempt to retrieve three bags with the hooks.  First three to get all of their bags move on to Part 2.

Part 2: The players operate a giant table maze, and have to move their balls through it while avoiding the holes in the maze.

Coach and JT finish round 1 way before everyone else.  Debbie edges out Stephen for the last spot in round 2.  The table maze looks like a lot of fun. Coach takes it slow and steady, and beats J.T. to the finish.  Damn.  We have at least one more week with Coach, everybody.  

After the challenge, Coach is really, really pleased with himself.  He says it was the prayer, the concentration and the meditation techniques that got him the win.  Right.  Sierra talks to J.T. about the proposed Timbira alliance that Coach was lying about.  Sierra, to prove herself, decides to call Coach and Debbie out in front of everyone. Coach and Debbie do not relent, and all hell breaks loose. Sierra and Debbie cry, no one backs down.  

Stephen and J.T. are pretty pumped about what Sierra did.  They believe Sierra now, thinking that Coach was caught in a lie.  Now, they are contemplating sending Debbie home.  Either her, for game purposes, or Sierra, for sanity purposes.  

Tribal Council

At camp, everyone admits that camp isn't close to as relaxed as it used to be.  Things are stressful.  Sierra explains Debbie and Coach's lies to Probst.  She actually makes them look stupid.  Coach says that "In Sierra's warped mind, she probably believes what she's saying."  Wow.  Coach.  Pot.  Kettle  Black. Coach goes on a tirade, basically saying that Sierra is a psychopath who always lies.  Time for the vote.  Here's how it went:


Wow.  Where did that vote for Stephen come from?   Sierra has been voted out of Survivor: Tocantins.  Stay tuned for our interview with Sierra tomorrow.


-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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