Is 'Survivor' Headed To Samoa?
At this point, there's no official word yet on where the next season of Survivor is headed.  It seems that they've been to every possible tropical-slash-rugged-slash-uninhabited corner of the world, but eighteen seasons later they're still finding new spots to spend around forty days in.  The same goes for the nineteenth, but this is surrounded with a little bit more controversy than expected.

There have been numerous reports stating that Survivor is headed to Samoa, a group of islands off the Pacific, after it finishes airing its current season set in Tocantins, Brazil.   These reports come from local media, and all have this one important detail: the country's government is apparently asking journalists not to report on the production.

One such article, from veteran journalist Lance Polu, reports that Samoan journalists were invited to a meeting by government officials, where they were asked not to report on the production of a certain American television show.  A representative from the said show asked everybody not to report on a logistics team from the show arriving on the country next month, and to wait until an official announcement is made in May. The reporters were not even allowed to take photos of the said meeting.

The clincher, turns out, is in the description.  The article says the show is aired on CBS, is “filmed in different countries,” and is “about individuals being tested for their survival skills in various remote locations.”  That obviously sounds like, well, Survivor.

The rumor—and the journalist restrictions put in swing for it—has since been picked up by other members of the international media, from a magazine in New Zealand to, eventually, a litter of Survivor fan sites.   The question is, why the fuss?  According to the article, the Samoan government fears that a premature announcement would be detrimental to the country, as the production offers 150 jobs to locals.

So far, this rumor has been the most plausible for Survivor's next season yet.  Other rumors have placed season 19 on places where they've been before—Vanuatu, where season 9 was shot, or the Cook Islands, where season 13 was shot.  Then again, there are rumors that the latter will be the location for Survivor's twentieth season, which is a different story altogether.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Reality Blurred
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