Final Interview with 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' Stephenie LaGrossa
Final Interview with 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' Stephenie LaGrossa
Stephenie LaGrossa has competed on Survivor three times now. She's lost 80% of the tribal immunity challenges that she's ever competed in. Her record in Reward Challenges is pretty awful too. Simply put, Stephenie LaGrossa seems to lose no matter who else is on her tribe.

Last Thursday night James started a witch hunt against Stephenie. It was crass, unfair and hard to watch. But it did raise an interesting question. No matter how likable she may be, do wins bounce off of Stephenie like bullets off Superman's chest?
I asked Stephenie how she explained the stats, and she answered. I'm not sure that I buy the airtight logic of her defense, but hey, Stephenie, we love you anyway, even if you are a 'loser.'

Even though you're athletic, you have lost 75% of the tribal challenges you have competed in, and 80% of the tribal immunities, across three seasons. Weird coincidence?

When you compete as a team a single person cannot be held accountable. The majority of the challenges were lost as a tribe, including some that I competed very well in [as an individual]. One heat doesn't matter. It's usually based on a whole.

It was totally unclear from the episode why JT, Cirie and Candice would side with James. What was it that we didn't see?

JT was already in with James and Amanda. They also had Rupert. Candice and Cirie should have gone with me, Tom and Colby, and they were contemplating it, but at the last second they changed their mind. Maybe they really thought they had a shot with them, but it was not a smart move at all!

Do you believe that Parvati meant to harm you in the first Reward Challenge?  

Parvati did not harm me, I had already dislocated and relocated my shoulder at that point.

Why didn't they remove anyone from the challenge like they did with the Schmergenbrawl last season?

I don't know why they didn't stop any of the challenges. There are more injuries in the first episode of this season alone than most seasons! Maybe we are just old! [Laughs]

Who is really leading the Heroes tribe?

No one! That's the problem. JT thinks he is, and James thinks he is!

From what you've seen and heard, had James been edited innacurately in the past? Or has he lost his mind all of a sudden?

I think he was a gentle giant, and since his last season he has let the little fame he has go to his head! He acted like a womanizing bully, not just towards me but in the stories he told around camp as well.


-Interview conducted by Henry Jenkins