Exclusive Interview: Yasmin Giles of 'Survivor: Samoa'
Exclusive Interview: Yasmin Giles of 'Survivor: Samoa'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Though many viewers were outraged when Ben belittled Yasmin Giles for her grammar, few would deny that she had a unique perspective. The 33 year old former hairstylist from Detroit had a penchant for bringing conversations to a standstill on Survivor: Samoa. Whether she was teaching her Foa Foa opponents how to strategize, or justifying her decision not to help out around camp, Yasmin was full of surprises.

She brought something valuable to a show often accused of casting a homogenous pool of contestants. Whether you were charmed or irritated by her unapologetic directness, you're sure to notice her absence when Survivor: Samoa resumes Thursday.

In our slightly-delayed interview, I asked Yasmin directly whether Ben was a racist, and whether she had proved her theory that her 'real and raw' honesty would draw high praise from the other contestants. She told me who was really calling the shots at Galu, and what was up with rocket scientist John.

Q: Hi Yasmin! Nice heels last night. It made me wonder, though: How did the contestants end up on the island with such unlikely survival clothes? (Dresses, heels, suits)

I think we all wanted to look our best, play the game and still have our personality.Shine through in our choice of wardrobe!

Q: Russell Swan may have been voted the Galu leader. But was he really the leader? If not, who was?

Russell Swan was voted the leader but I think that was only to a certain degree. Personally, I think Laura Morett had a lot to do with decisions that were made in the Galu Tribe!

Q: If the tribe had allowed you to stick around a few more days, would you have taken fewer naps and worked harder around camp?

Probably not! Who knows. Maybe! That night at Tribal Council, a few more days wasn't even a thought. I was hoping to leave. I was fed up and being voted out was the happiest day of my life!

Q: What's the deal with John? Did he tell everyone he was a rocket scientist? And was he as useless as he seemed?

I'm glad you noticed! John sucked! He was mostly talk. He told us he was an engineer. He took just as many naps as me but he was in the "90210 Clique" so he stuck around.

Q: In your opinion, were Ben's comments about you racist? Is Ben a racist?

Ben's comments were very racist. He didn't even know me. Not to mention, in his confession he was calling me Jasmin. Ben doesn't have a clue. I'm afraid he's damaged goods!

Q: When you went over to Foa Foa, what led you to try to coach them on strategy?

I was actually trying to help and it came off rude and obnoxious. But believe me, those were not my intentions and I apologize. Almost the same reason Ben felt the need to call my tribe losers to our face in episode two. I guess no one noticed that huh? They were upset because they didn't want to hear it, I personally think the truth will set you free.

Q: You commented in your CBS.com bio that "If you are going to give it to somebody... real and raw then a big mouth doesn't matter because they're going to think about what you said and realize Yasmin was right." Overall, was that your experience on the island?

Lets just say I got several emails after the fact and it was confirmed "Yassy was right!"

-Interview conducted by Henry Jenkins
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