Exclusive Interview, Anthony Robinson, 6th Survivor Voted Off
Exclusive Interview, Anthony Robinson, 6th Survivor Voted Off
Anthony Robinson, an Expert Witness Locator by day, received the full brunt of James "Rocky" Reid's verbal attacks at tribal council last night, but Anthony got through that unnecessary and unwarranted attack with dignity and aplomb.  Anthony was eliminated from Survivor: Fiji last night and he took some time to talk with us at BuddyTV earler today.

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BuddyTV: Can you talk a little bit about how you found yourself on Survivor? Was it something you'd always wanted to do, something you seeked out?

Anthony: Believe it or not I've been a huge fan of Survivor since episode one and have been wanting to be on that show pretty much since the second season. And the way things have been going in my life I've managed to miss it or it's not been the right time in my life to get my application in or to get it going. It worked out well, they ended up finding me and asked me to submit an application and I hustled and got it in. And, there I am.

During the season there were times when you seemed kind of beaten down or frustrated with your situation. Was it more difficult than you had imagined, being on Survivor?

You know some parts of it were a lot more difficult than I thought it was going to be. One, most definitely the dehydration and hunger issue was just a lot bigger deal than I was expecting it to be. I had gone without water for a day or two at most but never that long. Between the heat and the challenges it was a lot harder to deal with it than I expected it. Also I didn't expect to have some of the just extreme personalities that I had to deal with. Didn't see that coming. Even before, you know, knowing that Surivor is known for casting really interesting people, I wasn't expecting it to be that much of a conflict.

How difficult was it for you watching that Tribal Council last night?

You know, it was really hard. It was really hard watching that because it was like opening up old scars but at the same time I knew what was coming at the end. Knowing that I was going to be getting peace of mind afterward made it a little easier to watch but it was still hard, still hard to watch. It brings up kind of a real bad moment in my Survivor experience.

Looking back, what do you think of Rocky as of this point?  Do you think he was still kind of way out of line last night, what are just your general thoughts looking back?

You know, James offered me advice, which I just find funny. And quite honestly, this is weird, I still don't understand, I find it inappropriate the way he went about saying what he said. If he wants to offer me advice that's fine but none of it had to do with the game, which is in the end what really matters.

Watching the episodes on TV, are you happy with the way you were portrayed by the show? Looking back, was there anything you wish they had shown more of, shown less of?

Honestly, I wish they had shown more of my high moments, because I did have them. I did have moments when I was working really hard around camp, I had you know, moments when I was really getting along with people and actually, you know, strategizing and playing the game and those are really the things I wish had been shown a little bit more. But that being said I think I had a pretty good portrayal on the show, you know I can't complain too much.

Watching the shows on TV, have you gained any sort of new perspective on the whole experience, maybe seeing the other camp as opposed to what you saw just being on the island.

You know, seeing what the other camp was doing, I really wish there was a way to know exactly how they were talking and what they were saying because, man, I just would have been lit up just mad or as Rocky would say, “wicked pissa.” But yeah, I probably would have been a lot more fired up just to grind it in their faces, but seeing what they were going through over there, I'm glad to know that I actually got to play Survivor, I really played Survivor, didn't live in the dream house.

Who are you rooting for now?

You know, it's anybody's game, it's anybody's game at this point. The Ravu tribe, now the newly formed Moto tribe can do well. I just hope Rocky doesn't get the million dollars, that's what I really care about right now.


(Interview Conducted by Oscar Dahl)