What Do 'Supernatural' Fans Think of Eve's Agenda?
What Do 'Supernatural' Fans Think of Eve's Agenda?
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Supernatural's big baddie this season comes in the form of Eve, the Mother of All monsters who appeared on earth about 10,000 years ago and has now escaped Purgatory. Harboring bitterness for what she perceives as God's abandonment of his children, she now aims to take over the world by creating monsters. In other words, "She's pissed, she's here, and it's going to be nothing but pain for you from here on in!" On the other hand, pain and suffering is nothing new to the hunters of Supernatural, let alone Sam and Dean, who have been through hell of a lot worst than battling some creepy little creature. Plus, you've got to admit that Eve's plan is somewhat predictable. Here's what other Supernatural fans think:

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Michelle Simmons: I was hoping that she would go directly after Dean and Sam with all of her personal supernatural powers -- like Lilith. So far we just seen a "herpie" which wasn't really scary. I hope we see scarier monsters. 

Emily Zaenglein: She's just getting started, that worm creature was just a message and its gonna get rough from here on I'm sure. 
Yvette Jonker: I think they are just starting with Mother. There is always a lot more of mythology and urban legends that can be put in. This whole mommy dearest is only the beginning. Like [they are] setting up a new arc for season 7.

Tina Shashikanth: Her entrance should have been stronger. She just doesn't feel that creepy to me. She's another hot monster right now. Meg was far far better and scarier. And Lilith, even as a kid was far superior to this Mother thing.

Judging from the comments, it appears that our readers and Facebook fans are looking forward to more spin-chilling creatures from Eve, so we asked them for more suggestions and here's what they came up with:

Emily Zaenglein: A pure creature that isn't a human hybrid, like an ubervamp that was on Buffy would be interesting and scary.

Michelle Simmons: How about an evil unicorn. It can steal powers from all other supernatural beings. That would be awesome, because how you can fight something that steals powers?

Sammi Winchester: I would like her to create things of mystical origin. Things that were around during like the Xena/Hercules times. Or even show us what a pure vampire would be like or pure creatures that we've seen already before. That would be kinda nice. Seeing that she is the Mother and all. I wonder how she creates an Alpha and such that would be good to explore.

What's your take on Eve's agenda so far? And can you suggest other creepy creatures you'd like to see on Supernatural

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