'Supernatural': Fans Weigh in on the Battle of the Sams
'Supernatural': Fans Weigh in on the Battle of the Sams
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This season alone, Supernatural has presented a lot of debatable issues which have ultimately divided fans and forced them to choose sides. Among the hot topics at present is the question of whether viewers prefer Sam with a soul, which means the funny old Sam we've known since season 1, or soulless Sam, the cold and ruthless hunter with a carefree personality. To settle the debate, we asked our BuddyTV readers, as well as  fans on our Supernatural Insider page on Facebook, to sound off on the issue and here's what they think:

Lori Bentley: I prefer the old Sam. Soulless Sam is a real freak. 

DisjointedHeart: I like it the way it was in the beginning. Dean being the shoot first, ask questions later guy and Sam wanting to find any and every way possible to solve things without hurting anyone. Though I do have to admit soulless Sam does have his classic moments.

Kadysn: Old Sam. Soulless Sam is sexy and can be funny, but he has no feelings for his brother -- and it's the love between Sam and Dean that makes the show. It's about brothers not adversaries.

Karen Dawson: Sam, his soul is what made him a hunter.

Patty Ryle: I liked the old Sam. I just feel like there is something off and not quite right with the new Sam.

Cassie Westphal: I have to admit something about Jared this season is extra hot, but I miss the old puppy-dog eyed old Sam. 

Luzbellas Noches: I like the soulless Sam; he is so much sexier this way.

Valorie Lobban: I like the combination of the two. I want the clarity of thought and action of the new Sam coupled with the compassion of the old Sam. This for me would be ideal.

Judging from the comments, it looks like majority of fans prefer the old Sam even though they find soulless Sam to be much more interesting. Personally, I Iike the old Sam better, but I don't think he'll ever be the same -- even if Death already gave him his soul back and created a mental wall to block the memories of hell. Who knows, we might even get a Sam who's entirely different from all the other Sams. Luckily, we won't have to wait much longer since Supernatural returns tonight with the episode "Like a Virgin." Check out photos and a preview of the episode.

Which kind of Sam do you prefer? Tell us in the comments below or join this discussion.

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