'Supernatural' Season 6 Finale Theories
'Supernatural' Season 6 Finale Theories
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Tonight marks the special two-hour season finale of Supernatural and that means the battle for heaven is finally coming to a head while Sam's wall sadly breaks down. Amidst all hell breaking lose once again, fans are faced with several questions regarding Castiel, and, more importantly, the inevitable death that will most likely haunt fans for the rest of the summer. Here's what our readers and Facebook followers had to say:

Who's going to die?

Todor: Personally I think it is Raphael's time to go because of a few reasons: A) If he stays then Cas needs to die/fall; B) it would not make sense for Crowley to ally with him because Raphael wants to bring Lucifer and Michael back while Crowley dedicated so much of his effort toward derailing the apocalypse and putting Lucifer back to the cage; C) Raphael as a character is not so interesting anymore; and D) it is seen on the trailer that one big ass angel is going to kick it. So let him die. Crowley is probably playing him somehow so that he and Cas can get rid of him. And Crowley will probably stick around for the seventh season.

TrackerEm: Even though we know that Cas and Bobby will be back next season, I think that Bobby dies. Cas is transformed!

Sue West: I think it's Balthazar and Raphael with a little Lisa thrown in for good measure. I think our favorite boys will get a little bloody in the process.

YassminMoatasim: Raphael or Crowley. As Ben Edlund said "Some of the things that are the most jarring and the most, let's say potentially painful, don't incorporate death." So I guess Sam ,Dean, Bobby and Cas may still be alive but with a huge disaster that may be revealed at season 7.

Will Dean be able forgive and trust Castiel again? And what would it take for that to happen?

Emily Zaenglein: I believe Dean will forgive Cas because he thinks of him as family. I also think it will depend on what happens as a result of Cas' deception. But ultimately he loves Cas like a brother, he just might have difficulty trusting him like before. But he felt that way with Sam and they got past it.

ShibaMathew: But of course. Cas has given his life and more for these guys. What he's doing wasn't so different than what Dean and Sam have done! I think Dean can find it in himself to forgive him.

Gypsipup: Dean forgave Sam for trusting Ruby I think that Castiel will be forgiven after he dies and is then brought back to life.

Lisa Wham: Time. Dean needs time to fully understand why Castiel made the decisions that he did. I don't think it will happen overnight.

Other questions Supernatural fans would like answered in the season 6 finale:

Lisa Wham: What happened to Heaven's weapons. Is Castiel going to use them in the finale?

Michelle Roberts Mcgraw: Did Cas pull Sam out Soulless for a reason? Did Cas know that he left Sam's soul? Why does Crowley want purgatory so badly? What happens when Sam's wall comes down? What is the cost of Cas working with Crowley? And where is God in all this?

Penni Jones: What happened to Dean's necklace and where the hell is Chuck?

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