Supernatural: Season 4 Premiere "Lazarus Rising" Recap
Supernatural: Season 4 Premiere "Lazarus Rising" Recap
The wait is over.  After months of anticipation, we finally get to see the Winchester brothers reunited during tonight's return of Supernatural.  In last season's gut-wrenching finale, Sam, Ruby and Dean raced to find Lilith in an attempt to break Dean's contract.  After failing to overpower the demon leader, Ruby died, Sam survived, and Dean was mauled to death by Hell Hounds.  The last shot of the season found Dean strung up in the depths of Hell, leaving us with the biggest cliffhanger in Supernatural history.

Tonight's episode finds Dean returning to Earth, but the reasons behind his resurrection will shock even the most hardcore fans of the series.

After an awesome recap of the first three seasons set to AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long," Supernatural begins with Dean waking up inside a coffin.  I don't know if he's seen volume two of Kill Bill, but it would certainly come in handy right now.  Dean Buffys his way out of the ground, discovers that he's been buried in the middle of nowhere, and walks to an abandoned gas station to pick up some essentials.  After a quick glance in a mirror, he notices that a hand print is burned onto his shoulder, but his Hell Hound scratches are completely gone.  A moment later, a piercing sound fills the building, shattering all the windows before randomly fading away.

Dean wipes off the glass and tries to call Bobby from a nearby payphone.  Bobby doesn't believe it's him, so Dean goes to visit him in person.  Bobby's hunter instincts tell him that Dean must be a demon or a shapeshifter, but after dousing him with holy water and watching Dean cut himself with silver he finally believes him.  Dean doesn't remember anything from his stint in Hell, and Bobby has no idea how Dean got back in his meat suit.

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