'Supernatural' Review: "The Song Remains the Same"
'Supernatural' Review: "The Song Remains the Same"
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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There are two kinds of great dramatic Supernatural episodes: those that deal with the Winchester family dynamic and those that deal with the Apocalypse mythology.  This week's episode, "The Song Remains the Same," combines the two for an episode that will make you laugh, cheer, cry and drop your jaw.

In the episode, Anna returns from angel prison with a simple goal: kill Sam Winchester and prevent him from becoming Lucifer's vessel.  To achieve this, she goes back in time to try and kill John and Mary before they had Sam, but the boys gets Castiel to take them back too so they can stop her.

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For fans of the Winchester family, this episode has it all.  John, Mary, Sam and Dean are all together, and for Sam, it's the first time he's really met his mother.  We get to see how cool John and Mary were and it also gives the brothers a chance to unburden some of their bigger emotional hang-ups.

But seeing the whole family together is just one part of "The Song Remains the Same."  This is a pivotal Supernatural episode for one big reason that will become obvious as soon as you see it, and in many ways, the final scenes play out a bit like the end of "Changing Channels."

And while young John and young Mary are great, we also see a younger version of another Supernatural character that will make you rethink a lot of what you thought you knew about that character.

But in the end, amid the giant revelations regarding the show's religious mythology, at its heart, Supernatural is about the family.  It's about the very real and very human emotions of Sam and Dean.  No matter how many angels or demons or Horsemen show up, the show is about them.

For that reason alone, "The Song Remains the Same" is a can't miss episode.  From a scene with the four Winchesters in the car together to heartfelt conversations between the boys and their parents, those are the moments that make Supernatural special.  "The Song Remains the Same" reminds fans there's a lot more to this show than God and Lucifer.

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