'Supernatural' Recap: Twi-Hards with a Vengeance
'Supernatural' Recap: Twi-Hards with a Vengeance
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Tweens love vampires and Supernatural took full advantage of that in this episode that found Sam and Dean encountering a new crop of vamps. In this world the real vampires have taken advantage of this love for vampire fiction, posing as Edward Cullen-esqiue emo punks who girls fall in love with in order to recruit more vampires.

The vampire jokes and pop culture references to Twilight are delightful, but what makes this a solid episode of Supernatural is the expanding mythology of the monster world and the increasingly disturbing actions of the new Sam.

In a move that officially confirms that Sam is not himself, he stands by and watches as Dean gets turned into a vampire, doing nothing and cracking a thin smile. Even Samuel expresses some concern about Sam's actions, which is confusing. Who's the real villain: Sam or Samuel? They're both suspicious and both hiding something, but I'm starting to think Samuel is just a red herring and that it's Sam we really need to watch out for.

Luckily Samuel knows a cure using the blood of the vampire who turned you, but first Sam's plan is to use Dean's newfound vampire nature to track the Alpha, aka the original vampire. It's obvious the big story of the season revolves around collecting and meeting all the Alphas, the original monsters, and my prediction is that the Big Bad of season 6 will be whoever created the Alphas.

In the end Dean gets cured and returns to his human form, but not before suffering through some crazy Alpha Vamp-induced dream featuring the creepiest twins this side of The Shining. The cure also helps him flash back to see that Sam really did watch and stand by as the vampire turned him.

Twilight References

The two youngsters reciting bad emo dialogue at the start of the episode were named Kristen and Robert, obviously named after Twilight stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

Kristen claims she's very clumsy when she gets a paper cut, and Kristen Stewart is notoriously clumsy.

In Kristen's room, the boys try both Lautner and Pattinson as her computer passwords.

When Dean tries to say goodbye to Lisa, he realizes that he's being a lot like Pattinson's character Edward Cullen.

Next week on Supernatural: The truth comes out about what's wrong with Sam, and both Bobby and Castiel show up as well.

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