'Supernatural' Recap: Dean Forgets Who He Is
'Supernatural' Recap: Dean Forgets Who He Is
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Supernatural has a secret weapon: the comedic skills of star Jensen Ackles. While the life and death stakes of killing monsters are often dramatic and scary, every once in a while we get an episode where Dean gets to be extremely silly. In "Regarding Dean," the hero loses his memories and the results are hilarious.

Dean Gets Hexed

The episode begins with a man running through the woods, being chased by Dean. Before Dean gets to him the guy paints a hex on a tree and casts a spell on Dean. The next morning he wakes up and seems to be forgetting things. The brothers are in town on a case and learn a witch is involved. Before long, Sam figures out that Dean's memory loss isn't the result of an epic night because Dean doesn't even know his name.

From there, Jensen Ackles gets to have a lot of comedic fun as Dean forgets everything and learns that monsters are real. He thinks it's super cool that their best friend is an angel and they get to be heroes. Sam calls Rowena who suggests that the ure is killing the witch who cast the spell. The Winchesters retrace Dean's steps from the previous night and find the hex, as well as the guy from the beginning, who is dead. It seems killing the witch doesn't cure the spell.

The Witch Family

Rowena shows up to reveal that the dead guy, Gideon, was part of an ancient family of witches along with his two siblings. They have a Druidic spell book Sam needs to retrieve so Rowena can break the spell before Dean forgets how to breathe and dies. Also, it seems Rowena has a history with this family of witches after the British Men of Letters chased her out of England.

Sam gets captured by the witches so Rowena has to show up to save him. She gets attacked and forgetful Dean saves the day thanks to handy post-it notes in the Impala telling him what to do. Dean kills the two witches and Rowena is able to cast the spell, giving him his memory back.

The episode ends with a montage of Dean riding a mechanical bull as we see all of his happy moments when he forgot about all of the drama he's been through over the years, but he's more than OK with remembering it now.

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