'Supernatural' Recap: 'Roadkill'
'Supernatural' Recap: 'Roadkill'
It's an all too familiar setup for Supernatural fans,  a couple on a lonely back road swerve to avoid a spectral figure and wind up off the road.  When the wife, Molly (played by Tricia Helfer), wakes up her husband is gone, as is the mysterious figure she swerved to avoid.  She goes off to find her hubby and instead finds the 'Supernatural' figure who caused their crash.  She runs off and naturally runs smack dab into Dean and Sam, who just happen to be looking for, you guessed it, the mysterious ghost that haunts the road.  What ensues is some classic Supernatural goodness!

As far as ghost stories go, it has some nifty elements right off the back.  A mysterious figure haunting the road is pretty banal,  but before you see him 'House of the Rising Sun' plays on your radio.  Okay, maybe it's not exactly cutting edge,  but I'm a sucker for harbingers.

The trio wind up on foot when the car dies out.  They soon find an abandoned house they figure once belonged to the spirit.  Inside they find some info on the spirit, Grady, and find a secret room where his once true love had hanged herself.  They give her a proper burial and muse about ghosts, death, and what happens when you burn bones.  Molly is determined as ever to find her missing hubby.

The boys talk amongst themselves and seem to have some secret knowledge of Molly's husband after-all, something they don't want to tell her.  Before they get cornered on the info, 'House of the Rising Sun'  starts pumping out of the radio.  Tragic, because you know the Winchester boys are hiding a pretty juicy twist.

As they scope the place out, a mysterious figure crashes through the window and grabs Molly, absconding into the woods with her.  The ante is up.  They now have two hours to find the ghosts bones and put him to rest, which will presumably save Molly.

Molly is hung up in an old shack as the mysterious spirit/beast begins to torture her.  He is able to rend flesh by passing a finger over it.  Apparently he can be disrupted physically as well because Dean shows up and blasts him with the shotgun.  It isn't long though before the old codger revives and starts showing off his telekinetic powers.  Meanwhile Sam is going to work on his bones and the spirit is banished just in the nick of time.

Big twist?  Molly is also a spirit that has been confined to the road as well.  David survived, she died in the crash.  The boys are there to but her spirt to rest as well.  Its a well done twist, and a nice respite episode for Supernatural.  Next week it is back into the over arching story.  Can't wait!

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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