'Supernatural' Casts New Female Character for Season 8
'Supernatural' Casts New Female Character for Season 8
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Supernatural has a rocky history when it comes to adding new female characters, but the show will try once again in season 8. According to TVLine, Canadian actress Liane Balaban has been cast in the new recurring role of Amelia.

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Amelia will be a potential love interest for Sam, described as a "tragedy-damaged soul" who evolves into a "brave, sweet, smart, sarcastic woman." The "tragedy-damaged soul" part definitely gives her something in common with Sam.

On its face, this seems like Sam's pattern. After Dean went to Hell at the end of season 3, Sam started hooking up with Ruby and drinking her blood. Clearly Sam makes bad decisions when it comes to life without his brother, so will Amelia be taking him to the dark side or helping him cope in a healthier way?

Supernatural fans have generally had a hard time accepting any woman in the Winchesters' lives. When Katie Cassidy and Lauren Cohan joined the cast as Ruby and Bela in season 3, they were met with a bit of hostility. There are also some who dislike characters like Lisa, though I personally thought she was great. The show had more success with a character like Jo, though she was never really a love interest for Dean, even though she desperately wanted to be.

Balaban has had numerous film and TV roles, though she might be most recognizable as Anna, the mute leader of Red Flag on Syfy's Alphas.

What do you think of the new addition to Supernatural?

Source: TVLine
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