Possible Major Spoiler Tonight's 'Supernatural'
Possible Major Spoiler Tonight's 'Supernatural'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
If you want to go into the final Supernatural episode of 2009 completely blind, I suggest reading no further.  There have been some pretty major spoilers circling around the Internet for a while about the events of "Abandon All Hope," so stop reading if you don't want to be even remotely spoiled.

This is your last warning.  Stop now.

Now, the widespread rumor is that two major characters will die on Supernatural tonight, and by major, they mean ones that we've met before and that we know.  Since Supernatural doesn't have a very long list of characters fitting that description, the candidates for death are pretty small.  Let's look at them.

Sam and Dean

Not a chance.  I realize both of them have already died on Supernatural, but a show with only two leading actors wouldn't kill off one of them halfway through a season.  Or would they?  No, they really wouldn't.


Misha Collins has been on fire this season, so I really hope he isn't one of the fatalities.  However, the preview photos do show him and Lucifer face-to-face, which can't be good.  On the bright side, if Cas does die, God can just bring him back again.


Sadly, this seems to be the most popular prediction among fans.  Bobby has been sidelined in his wheelchair all season and in "The Curious Case of Dean Winchester," he lamented his fate and wished he would die.  This episode might feature the lovable old coot performing one last act of heroism to save Sam and Dean.

Ellen and Jo Harvelle

The mother-daughter hunting team is back, and it's certainly an odd sign that these two return in an episode rumored to have two deaths.  Basically, if the rumors are true, I don't see any way that both Ellen and Jo survive.  Will Ellen sacrifice herself to save her daughter, or will Jo meet an untimely demise?


There's not even an indication that Rufus will show up in the episode, but in every way, he seems like Supernatural's most expendable character.


The demon known as Meg has had many forms, and she's back again in this episode.  Will she finally join her daddy as a victim of the Colt?


If there's one angel that needs to get ganked, it's this douchenozzle.


I have no idea what Supernatural would do with the second half of the season if Sam and Dean succeed in killing Lucifer in this episode, but it would definitely be unexpected.

The Impala

While not technically a character, the Impala is more beloved than most Supernatural characters by the fans, and if Lucifer really wanted to hurt Dean, killing his car would be the best way to do it.

So those are the best possible choices for which characters will meet their maker.  The only real way to know who dies tonight, if anyone, is to check out Supernatural at 9pm on the CW.

Right now, if the rumors are true, I'm picking Bobby and Ellen.  Killing those two would be the best way for Lucifer to prove he's not just another demon.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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