Pilot Watch: 'Originals,' 'Tomorrow People' and More Potential CW Shows
Pilot Watch: 'Originals,' 'Tomorrow People' and More Potential CW Shows
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Pilot season in full swing. For the uninitiated, this is the time when the networks agree to make pilots for a whole bunch of shows to see which ones will make it onto the schedule for the 2013-2014 season. Most pilots will never see the light of day, but a select few will become the shows you will be in love with one year from now.

Here I'm going to look at what the CW has on tap, because more than any other network, it needs some fresh blood. With Gossip Girl and 90210 ending this year and Cult knocking at death's door, the CW's fall schedule has a ton of holes.

So far the network has renewed Arrow, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. Still on the bubble are Beauty and the Beast, Nikita, Hart of Dixie, The Carrie Diaries and, technically, Cult. It seems doubtful that the network will renew more than three of those, which means there will be at least four open time slots this fall, not including having a show or two on deck for mid-season in case some fail like Emily Owens, M.D.

The CW has eight pilots in development, so the odds are good that at least half will be picked up. Let's look to see which ones are the most exciting potential new shows.


What Is It: A dramedy about a family whose lives are changed when the patriarch gets into a car accident and is stuck in a coma where he can't move or speak, but he is aware of what is happening and offers narration and fantasy sequences.

Who's In It: The show stars The Big C's John Benjamin Hickey as the father in a coma, Michael Weston (House's wacky private detective who dated Cuddy) as his younger brother and relative unknown Madeline Carroll in the lead role as the man's daughter.

My First Impression
: This doesn't really sound like a CW show at all. The network is best at teen soaps (One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, 90210), sci-fi action (Supernatural, Arrow, Nikita) or both (The Vampire Diaries, Beauty and the Beast). I'm not optimistic about its chances.

Company Town

What Is It: A drama set in a Virginia town with a military base where a scandal divides people and causes tension between two former female best friends, a townie and someone in the military.

Who's In It: The shows stars Gage Golightly (Teen Wolf's season 2 werewolf Erica) and Maya Kazan (granddaughter of Oscar winner Elia Kazan). The more impressive may be behind the camera. It's written by former Supernatural showrunner Sera Gamble and the pilot will be directed by Oscar winner Taylor Hackford.

My First Impression: The military angle could make it a good companion for Nikita, if the CW renews it. And having an Oscar winner's granddaughter and an Oscar winning director on board adds the prestige factor.

The Hundred

What Is It: Based on an upcoming book series, this show is set 97 years after a nuclear war destroys civilization as 100 juvenile delinquents are sent back to Earth to see if it can be colonized again.

Who's In It: The show stars Lost's Henry Ian Cusick and Australian actress Eliza Taylor.

My First Impression: It's definitely a weird, sci-fi premise, maybe too ambitious for the CW, but if the network wants to head more into the fantasy/sci-fi world, this could be a good start.

The Originals

What Is It: A spin-off of The Vampire Diaries focusing on the Original vampires in New Orleans.

Who's In It: The three surviving Originals from The Vampire Diaries (Joseph Morgan as Klaus, Claire Holt as Rebekah and Daniel Gillies as Elijah) are all on board, as is Phoebe Tonkin as Tyler's untrustworthy werewolf pal Hayley.

My First Impression: I feel like this show's fate relies heavily on the upcoming April 25 episode of The Vampire Diaries that will serve as a potential pilot to introduce what the spin-off would look like. If it gets fans excited, a spin-off of one of the show's most popular dramas could work nicely, just like NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles.


What Is It: Ten years after aliens land and are placed in special camps, nine teen aliens are integrated into a human high school and trouble ensues as love blossoms. So basically it's a mash-up of the movie District 9 and the Supreme Court ruling in Brown vs. Board of Ed.

Who's In It: The show stars Friday Night Lights' Aimee Teegarden and 90210's Matt Lanter as the human girl and alien boy who fall in love. The show also stars The Vampire Diaries' Malese Jow (Anna) and The Nine Lives of Chloe King and Friday Night Lights star Grey Damon.

My First Impression: Aliens, romance and a history lesson? I'm definitely on board, if only because it could be kind of like Roswell. But again, it depends on whether or not the CW is willing to go into this sci-fi territory with actual aliens.


What Is It: A historical drama about the rise of Mary Queen of Scots as a 15-year-old who moves to France. So it's like The Carries Diaries, but set in 16th century France instead of New York City in the '80s.

Who's In It: It stars Australian Adelaide Kane as Mary and British actor Toby Regbo as her prince.

My First Impression: Seriously? A 16th century period drama on the CW? I don't think so.

The Selection

What Is It: In the future, 25 peasant girls are chosen by lottery to compete to marry the prince. It's basically The Hunger Games meets The Bachelor.

Who's In It: Israeli actress Yael Grobglas is the female lead with Michael Malarkey as her prince. Buffy's Anthony Head will play the king.

My First Impression: The CW also developed this show last year, but passed on it. Now it's back, though I'm not sure what's changed. Still, maybe the second time's a charm.

The Tomorrow People

What Is It: Based on a British series, it's about a group of young people with evolutionarily enhanced super powers who team up to fight evil. So it's basically X-Men.

Who's In It: Robbie Amell (the First Daughter's hot baby daddy on 1600 Penn and cousin of Arrow star Stephen Amell) stars alongside Supernatural/Lost/Dexter/Being Human guest star Mark Pellegrino.

My First Impression: OK, this actually sounds really awesome. Also, it has the executive producers of the Cw's two biggest hits behind it (Julie Plec from The Vampire Diaries and Greg Berlanti from Arrow). And it's written by Phil Klemmer, who wrote a lot of Chuck and Veronica Mars episodes. And the idea of two Amell superheroes on the same network (and possibly the same night) is too exciting to pass up.

If I were to make predictions, I'd say The Tomorrow People feels like the best option with The Originals and Oxygen as solid bets, with Company Town, The Hundred and The Selection as possible candidates. I'm pretty much discounting Blink and Reign sight unseen.

What do you think of the CW pilots? Are there any you are dying to see?

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