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John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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To celebrate, the boys go to a bar where Sam orders a bacon cheeseburger, finally inspiring Dean to question who he is.  But Gary starts talking about how refreshing it was to kick some ass instead of following the Plan, and Dean goes back into the world of stupid by identifying with the joy that comes with not worrying about Lucifer all the time.
This brings us up to where we started, with Gary going off to have "the sex."  Surprisingly, Gary isn't that terrified when the woman comes out of the bathroom with a whip dressed in leather.

As "the sex" happens, Sam gets hit by a tranquilizer dart again and wakes up in Trevor's basement.  It turns out these three nerdy Satan-worshiping kids learned that Hell put a bounty on Dean's head and they're trying to collect.  Sam tries to explain how terrible this idea is, but Trevor won't listen.

Instead, Trevor summons another demon to kill Dean, only it possesses Nora.  She's quite happy to find Dean is in her sights and Sam's meat suit (aka Lucifer's vessel) is currently not occupied by Sam, making it easier for Lucifer to get in.  Trevor wants $10 million and a girlfriend, but Demon Nora kills him instead.

Back at the motel, Gary sneaks in to try and shoot Dean, but the older brother has FINALLY realized the situation and punches Gary in the face.  However, just as Dean learns the truth, Demon Nora busts in and knocks him down.  Gary acts calm, but he eventually gets freaked out, and when Dean fights back and gets the crap beat out of him by a nerdy teenage girl, Gary starts to chant an exorcism ritual.

Demon Nora turns her sights on him, so Dean picks up on the chant.  She keeps going back and forth while Gary and Dean perform dueling exorcisms and eventually expel the demon.

In the aftermath, Gary reverses the spell and gives Sam his body back, and in exchange, Dean promises not to kill him.  Sam tries to give the kid a pep talk about how his life isn't so bad and how Nora has a crush on him.

The sweet and tender moment is cut short when the Winchesters get into the car and Sam reveals, "I totally lied.  The kid's life sucked ass."  I wish every Supernatural episode ended with those depressing pearls of wisdom.  Hey, nerdy teenage virgins, you're lives suck!

Next week on Supernatural: The boys go back in time to stop Anna from killing Mary when she was pregnant with Sam.  So get ready for 1.21 gigawatts of fun.

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