'Supernatural' Recap: Dean's Date with Death (Page 3/3)
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Meanwhile, over in Chicago, Dean and Crowley stumble upon Death at a pizzeria.  Even Death can't resist Chicago-style deep dish.  Dean goes in with the Scythe, but it heats up, causing Dean to drop it.  Death knows he's there and invites Dean to sit down.  Death eats his pizza with a knife and fork, so you know he's evil.

Dean and Death share a romantic dinner date where Death explains that he doesn't care about useless humans.  They're just one species on one planet in one galaxy, and he's older than everything and so powerful that one day he'll even reap God.  In other words, Death is pretty bad-ass.

He also explains that Lucifer has used a spell to bind him on Earth, using him to kill people because Lucifer is just a spoiled little brat having a temper tantrum.  Death then offers Dean his ring and a lesson on how the rings work if Dean agrees to one tiny condition: he has to let Sam say "Yes" and go through with his plan, because it's the only way.  Dean agrees, and Death throws in a free pass for Chicago because he loves the pizza so much.

Back at the junkyard, Dean plays with his complete set of rings while Bobby enjoys his new legs.  Dean is upset because he lied to Death, he still doesn't want Sam to say "Yes."  Bobby acknowledges that Sam has some evil in him, but he's mostly good.

In the end, Bobby poses one simple question to Dean.  Is he against the plan because he thinks Sam is too weak and he'll fail to stop the Apocalypse, or is he against it because he knows Sam is strong enough and he doesn't want to lose his brother.  One look into Dean's eyes and it's very obvious the answer is that he doesn't want his little brother to leave.

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Next week on Supernatural: It's the season finale, and the trailer is extra spoilery.  The show doesn't even try to hide the fact that Sam says "Yes."  However, I still have no idea how it will all end.

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