'Suits' Season 3 Casting News: British Invasion, Plus Introducing Harvey's Father
'Suits' Season 3 Casting News: British Invasion, Plus Introducing Harvey's Father
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Last season on Suits, Edward Darby (Conleth Hill) arrived in New York with plans to merge with Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) much to Harvey's (Gabriel Macht) chagrin. After outmaneuvering her protege, the Brits are coming! Season 3 opens with Darby and Pearson merging their forces.

Hill, who is well-known as Lord Varys on Game of Thrones, will be joined by his GoT co-star, Michelle Fairley. She will be making the shift from playing the beloved Lady Stark in Westeros to playing a savvy, British oil entrepreneur, Ava Hessington.

Ava is brought on as a client of the newly merged firm and is a formidable businesswoman. Did she act unethically and break the law? Or, is she a scapegoat in a cut-throat industry? Harvey's going to have a series of challenges to overcome to win this case.

With the merger, Nigel Nesbitt (Adam Godley) will be back. (Should he be nicknamed He-Louis? Or, Brit-Louis?) Even though, Louis cut Nigel in the efficiency report, he will be back and he's not happy with Louis. Who will win the face-off? 

Louis isn't the only one with a British counterpart. British-Harvey will be making an appearance. Max Beesley (Mad Dogs) will be appearing as the self-confident, debonair, British lawyer Stephen Huntley. Are you ready for two "Harveys" on-screen? Maybe Stephen will make a play for Donna? That would be a sight to see!

The Brits aren't the only new characters to show up in Suits season 3. Harvey's case with Ava will put him up against his mentor, Cameron Dennis (Gary Cole). In an episode, the show will flashback 10 years to explore that relationship, as well as, Harvey's relationship with his father. James McCaffrey (Rescue Me, Revenge) will be taking on that pivotal role.

Also returning in season 3 in their recurring roles: Abigail Spencer (Dana Scott), Amanda Schull (Katrina Bennett), Wendell Pierce (Robert Zane), and Tom Lipinski (Trevor).

Suits returns on Tuesday, July 16 at 10 pm ET on USA.

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