'Suits' Interview: Gina Torres on Season 2 and Jessica's Future
'Suits' Interview: Gina Torres on Season 2 and Jessica's Future
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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As we go into the Suits season 2 summer finale, we still don't know who will come out on top of the struggle for Pearson Hardman. While she wouldn't answer our specific questions about the eventual winner, actress Gina Torres did give us some insight into Jessica Pearson and that character's actions in season 2. Find out what she had to say here!

Why do you think Jessica was willing to accept Mike's secret and move on?

Gina Torres: I don't think that Jessica had a whole lot of time to process it. The minute she found out, the other shoe dropped -- which is the Hardman shoe. So she's really focused on putting out the fire that's closest to the house. She also recognizes that [Mike is] an asset. He's not the threat -- it's the circumstance that is the threat.

What should the characters be scared about, with regard to the secret?

Gina Torres: You know, the more people that know, the harder it is to keep it altogether. That's really the biggest threat, keeping it under wraps. People get comfortable, people get sloppy. They start talking when they shouldn't.

The relationship between Jessica and Harvey has been really strained this season. But they still stick together. Is there any point that Harvey could reach that would be too far for Jessica?

Gina Torres: He's already put it in jeopardy. He's put her trust in him at play. He's got a hole to crawl out of. And it's not just the tea set.

Something like that happens and it changes the fabric of a relationship... When someone that you've put that much trust in, that you know really understands your position in life, and they toy with it in that way or they fail. And that's huge, and there's always sort of a doubt in your mind. You know, you don't exactly feel safe... I think somewhere in her, I think something broke when she found out the level of his betrayal.

We know that Jessica has what it takes to beat Hardman, but if it ever came to a confrontation between Harvey and Jessica, who do you think would win?

Gina Torres: I want to say Jessica -- she's the boss. She's the boss, she's pretty much taught him everything he knows. He has a couple of tricks of his own. But what Jessica has on her side, she's not as reactive as Harvey. She's not as emotional a decision-maker as he is.

What has been the best part of playing Jessica Pearson on Suits?

Gina Torres: Oh gosh... I would say... Well, I've gotta say, trading in guns and gunplay and wearing an eight-pound shotgun on my hip -- it's a pretty even exchange for walking around in five-inch stilettos. It's an even exchange. So physically, nothing's really changed. I'm still exhausted and in pain at the end of the day.

But it is lovely to play somebody who is present-day, who I think may be more accessible in some ways than the other fabulously wonderful, strong, dynamic women that I've played. Although there's a great deal of love for them all... There's something about just wearing regular clothes and being a woman in a position of power in present-day that I think makes it more accessible, more possible. That's for anyone who's watching to say, "Hey! I know her!" Or "I could be her." Or "That's the b*tch in cubicle 13!" Or whatever it is. I just think that her accessibility is very refreshing for me.

Looking into the future of Suits, what do you want to see for Jessica?

Gina Torres: I think it's time that we see where Jessica lives. I think it's time that we see her walk into her house, take off her shoes and pour a glass of wine. Maybe half an hour later, some fabulous man stops in... I think she has a ridiculously beautiful penthouse apartment. And some fantastic weekend house by the beach, in the Hamptons or Montauk or somewhere... With lots of dogs.

Have they told you anything about the second half of season 2?

Gina Torres: I have no idea. Absolutely no idea what's going on.

The Suits summer finale airs on Thursday, August 23 at 10pm on USA. More season 2 episodes will air at some point this winter.

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