Stylista: Episode 6 "Model Behavior" Recap
Stylista: Episode 6 "Model Behavior" Recap
In tonight's episode of Stylista, the aspiring fashionistas must prepare a hotel room for supermodel Maggie Reiser for their assistant task. As is the custom for all A-list celebrity, Maggie has a contract rider that specifies all the elements that she insists on. For example, she needs a comfortable nook for her dogs, candles that are scented but not too strong, pink toys, and all of her food laid out on the table. Megan is seriously pissed off that she has to scrub sinks just because some skinny bitch requests it. I hear ya, sister. This is the first time I am in complete agreement with Megan.

All the stylistas are given an allowance and a short amount of time to gather everything they can on Maggie's rider. Kate manages to get everything on the list, but Dyshaun chooses to focus on quantity and not quality. Then, Maggie and Anne Slowey pull up in a limo to the hotel, golden retrievers in tow.

Maggie doesn't like the orange scented soap in the bathroom (it should be lavender, natch!) of Johanna's suite. Oops, one of the dogs helps itself to the lasagne laid out on the low table. Uh oh, the same thing happens with the lasagne in Ashlie's room. Ashlie also makes the mistake of not dog-proofing the chocolate. The dogs pee all over Kate's room, but she actually did a pretty good job setting up her suite. Dyshaun got the lavender soap, but he kept the food wrapped and therefore, dog-proof.

The suite that Maggie chooses as the best one is Dyshuan's, so he'll get to choose the teams for the editorial challenge. He chooses Kate and Ashlie for Team 1, and himself, Johanna and Megan for Team 2.

For the editorial challenge, Joe Zee explains that they'll have to put together different looks for a photo shoot. They'll have access to everything in the Elle closet, and they'll be working closely with the hair and makeup stylists, as well as the photographer and the model during the photo shoot, to show off the styling that they come up with.

The teams spend the evening pulling clothes and accessories from the closet and formulating their styles. Ashlie and Kate are both actually seeing eye-to-eye, and have a good working relationship, for once. Dyshaun is all kinds of mean towards Kate in this episode of Stylista, for example, purposely baiting Kate's opinion on a pair of short shorts in order to assess its trashiness factor. Kate bogarts all of the swim suits, preventing the other team from using any of them.

The next day at the photo shoot, the stylistas meet Lee Greene, the Elite model they'll be working with. Dyshaun takes the lead in hair and makeup for his team, demanding that the stylists finish up “like, five minutes ago.” He also takes the lead in directing the model and the photographer during the shoot as well. However, as the other team points out, he doesn't change the hair and makeup at all, even though the point of the shoot is styling.

Ashlie and Kate have chosen several looks for the model to wear, and they go through just as many hair and makeup changes as well. Megan gives props to her competitors at the end of the shoot, predicting that they'll win. Dyshaun and Johanna are nervous, too, that the other team outplayed them.

Back at Elle, the teams have an hour and a half to get their pages together. Johanna, who took a backseat at the shoot, tries to take a leadership role for the layout, as Dyshaun gets his bitch on again, at one instance, calling Kate “Chlamydia.” For her part, Kate does a good job in focusing on her work, but as soon finishes her layout, she blows up at Dyshaun, telling him to stop making her life so miserable. This is Kate's last straw and she's right at the point of giving up, so Ashlie, feeling compassion toward her, gives her a much needed pep talk.

Back at the loft, Ashlie confronts Dyshaun about his behavior. He denies any unprofessionalism and merely brushes Ashlie away.

It's time for the sixth Stylista editorial presentation. Joining Joe Zee and Anne Slowey is Neil Hamil, the North American director of Elite Model Management. Team 1 (Kate and Ashlie) present their pages first. Joe and Anne really like the outside-of-the-box theme that they chose, but they point out that their pages are too cluttered with photos. They should have edited themselves more.

Team 2 (Johanna, Megan and Dyshaun) present their pages. The judges like the professional quality of the pages, but the photos and theme were too safe for their taste. During judging, Kate proves that she's capable of throwing everyone under the bus, even those not on her team, by telling Anne that Team 2 didn't consult with the hair and makeup stylists after the first 20 minutes of the shoot, even though styling was the whole point of the styling. Kate admits that she values speaking her mind over being professional.

The judges deliberate. Team 2 are deemed the winners because of the cohesive theme and clean layout of the pages. Both Kate and Ashlie are on the chopping block and are sent into Anne's office. Megan and Dyshaun call out, “Good luck, Ashlie,” conspicuously ignoring Kate.

In the end, Ashlie has earned another week at Elle. Kate is not the right fit. As her last huzzah, Kate shares one last opinion about the other stylistas. She tells Anne that Dyshaun is abusive, Megan is wicked and Johanna is insecure, and that Ashlie should win it all.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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