'Sons Of Anarchy' Recap: Ruff. Tuff. Intense.
'Sons Of Anarchy' Recap: Ruff. Tuff. Intense.
Gemma and Unser

We bookend tonight's episode of Sons of Anarchy with our friend Unser. In the first scene he tinkers with Piney's murder scene. Because, let's not forget, that happened. Only Opie still doesn't know yet. Nor does anyone else from the Club for that matter. At the end of the episode, he offers moral support to Gemma, because, well, let's not get ahead of ourselves. First things first.

Juice and Lincoln Potter

To get it out of the way: Juice is coerced by Potter into keeping with his allegedly wide-ranging investigation while Eli finally mans up to Potter and crosses enemy lines, so to speak. He offers Juice, and by extension the club, his help - which pretty much marks a 180 degree shift in Eli's attitude from the first episode. Not that he somehow morphed into Unser light, but for the first time this season he is sympathetic towards the Sons of Anarchy.

Clay and the Hit

Clay empties the safe at home to pay for the hit on Tara. The season has been building up to this but now even Gemma might have a hunch. When she asks Clay why he took the money he acts like a real dick and snaps at her that club business doesn't concern her. As long as she has enough money for "food and amusement" she shouldn't question him. Ruff.

Tara and Jax

What big papa bear didn't anticipate however, is that Jax and the kids go on a road trip with the doctor. She is nearly abducted, ultimately saved by Jax's shooting skills and then all hell breaks loose. Because not only is Tara's livelihood ruined because of an unfortunate encounter between her hand and a van door, but she now (rightfully) blames Jax, Gemma and the club for all the misery that has affected her for the last 3 and a half seasons. She rightfully reminds Jax that his parents will never just let him go. And now Jax realizes that Tara is trapped. And that she is miserable. Tuff.

Clay and Gemma

Or as Clay puts it: "Jax is on fire." Jax and the Sons think that Lobo might be behind the attack. Clay tries to blow off the hit with the Cartel but they still perceive Tara as a threat. In their eyes, the deed still needs to be done. And when I mentioned earlier that Gemma might be on to Clay's deadly games? Well... let's just say she and her second husband have a huuuuge fallout during which they accuse each other of killing John. And then they get physical. They both hit each other and throw things at each other, and it makes for an intense, fearless and shocking scene, right down to the last shot of Clay towering over Gemma and ramming his fist into her face. Intense.

Which brings us back to Gemma and Unser. Beaten up and understandably fueled with hate towards Clay who, it seems pretty clear at this point, probably won't survive the season, she ominously announces that "Clay will die. At the hand of a son." Next Tuesday can't come around fast enough in my book. 

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